Can I share PrEP?

If PrEP is an ARV, can I share it with my HIV-positive partner? 

The short answer? No! PrEP doesn’t have the right combination of ARV medicines, or the right dosage (amount of them) for HIV positive people to use as treatment. The problem is, if your HIV positive partner uses PrEP, they could risk building up resistance to ARVs.  Sharing your PrEP medication could have a bad impact on your partner’s health and life.

Can I share PrEP with my friend? 

If you’ve started on PrEP, you’ll know that testing for HIV is really important. You’ll only get your first supply of oral PrEP only after your HIV test comes back negative. In the first month, you’ll do another HIV test in order to get your three-month script, and then you’ll beed to have an HIV test every three months while you’re on PrEP. If you don’t get tested and just use your friend’s PrEP, you could be HIV positive and not know it! And HIV positive people need ARVs for treatment.

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Khanyi is a young woman who started PrEP and kept a daily video diary of her experience, side effects and emotional journey. Watch her video

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