How to deal with a breakup

Breakups are never easy! In the beginning, relationships can seem perfect, and you might think that you will spend the rest of your life with your partner. When that relationship ends, you may be left with a broken heart, pain and sometimes even anger. 

Everybody handles breakups differently, but here are a few tips on what can help you deal with a breakup.


  • Allow yourself to cry and mourn at the end of the relationship if you need to.
  • Talk about your feelings to close friends or family who can comfort you. You can contact counsellors for help.
  • Remind yourself of all the good things that you have to offer to the world.
  • Start doing fun things to fill the time that you would normally spend with your ex.
  • Think of the breakup as a lesson. Think about the reasons why the relationship didn’t work and some of the things that you didn’t like from that relationship. It will help you to learn what you do and do not want in a partner or relationship and make better decisions in future.
  • Love yourself, forgive yourself, be happy and know that you will be ok.
  • Take things slowly if or when you start dating again.


  • Go out of your way to hurt your ex just because you are hurt! It wastes your energy and keeps you in a negative state of mind.
  • Post negative comments about your ex on social media. You will definitely regret this later. It often helps to unfriend or unfollow them altogether.
  • Use alcohol or take drugs to cope with your feelings.

Substances won’t fix the problem, and they can put you in risky situations and behaviours. Risky behaviours include increasing your risk for experiencing or participating in violence, including intimate partner violence, physical assault, and serious accidents and injury. It can also be linked to unsafe sex practices, unplanned pregnancy, and increased risk of getting STIs and HIV. 

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