What’s the difference between sex and love?

What is sex?

Sex is a physical act. It means that people are using their bodies, usually to get pleasure and feel good. Different people have different ideas of what counts as sex, but it can happen with yourself, between two people or even with more than two people. It can even happen on your own (masturbation) or with your partner – that is, touching each other’s private parts for pleasure (which is known as mutual masturbation).

What is love?

Love is a feeling, and it comes from your mind and your heart. Loving someone means a lot: it means you feel close to them and you want them to be happy. 

Sex and love?

Sex can be a big part of a relationship, but sometimes it’s complicated. You might have heard people say that sex is a way to show that you love someone or to know that someone loves you. Or that having sex can make someone fall in love with you. But those things aren’t always true. The truth is that sex and love are different things. Sex can be associated with lust or pure physical attraction, it can be a tension or stress reliever and nothing else, whereas love can be associated with affection, intimacy, attachment. Sometimes sex and love happen at the same time, and sometimes they don’t.

You can love someone without having sex with them. And you can have sex with someone without loving them. It’s important to figure out what you want in a relationship – sex, love, or both? Whatever the answer is, it helps to be honest with yourself and the other person about it.

Sex can be fun and pleasurable but only if everyone involved agrees to do it. Find out more about consent in this article: Understanding consent.

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