Know your status? Get tested! What to expect

It can feel scary to take an HIV test. The truth is that if your test shows that you do have HIV, there are strong medicines that can help you live a long life just like any other kid.

What will happen at the test?

A doctor, nurse or counsellor will help you understand how the test works before you have the test. She will also tell you about how HIV is passed from one person to another and help you get ready to hear your own result. You can ask her any questions and let her know how you are feeling. She is there to help.

If you are not ready to have the test, you must tell the doctor, nurse or counsellor and you can decide to wait and test another day.
If you are ready to test, you will then need to sign the consent form giving the doctor, nurse permission to do the HIV test on you. Remember, if you are 12 years and older you don’t need your parent’s permission to get an HIV test but if you are under 12 years old you will need your parent/caregiver’s permission.

Once the consent form is signed, the doctor, nurse or counsellor will prick your finger. A drop of blood will be dropped on the test and after a few minutes they will tell you the result. After you have your test results, the doctor, nurse or counsellor will talk to you about what to do next.

If you learn that you are HIV positive you may feel shocked, scared, angry and not believe it! Feel what you are feeling, give yourself some time and ask any questions you have. Sometimes when people find out they are HIV-positive, they like to join a support group so they can talk freely with other HIV-positive adolescents.

What happens next is up to you, the choice is always yours!

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B-Wise User PrimRoseLelow 30 May 2020 11:40

Hi ,I went to the clinic and the nurse told me I need a parent to get an HIV test if I'm under 18 and I'm only 16 ...She said the government changed the law

B-Wise Expert Expert 31 May 2020 16:39


Please read this article:

B-Wise User Sr. Spoh 28 October 2017 19:34

Our government has partners like AURUM INSTITUTE and others that conduct HIV screening outside clinics, they would do it in confidence and respect but if it comes positive you would have to be referred to a clinic for more blood tests as they dont do detailed tests on sites. Next time you see a huge van asking people to come do an HIV test pop in there, you never know until you have one done.

B-Wise Expert Expert 20 April 2018 12:47

Hi there, thank you for your feedback. That's true the only way you will know if you have HIV or not is if you test for it 

B-Wise User Anonymous 19 October 2017 23:05

I want to go for a test but not at the clinic. Where else can i go for a test.

B-Wise Expert Expert 22 October 2017 17:42

1.       Hi there Anonymous, thank you for the interesting question. You don’t have to go to a clinic to get tested for HIV. Most pharmacies offer HIV testing and self-tests, although it may cost a fee. However, we do suggest getting tested at the local clinic by a professional because it is safe and  free – if you don’t like your regular clinic, you can find another clinic close to you with our Clinic Finder