5 easy ways to drink more water

How much water do you drink in a day?

Water is really important to make our bodies work properly. But we are losing water all the time! We lose water when we pee and sweat, and water also evaporates from our skin when it’s hot. So we need to replace the water we lose.

Do I need to drink more water?

A good way to know if you need more water in your body is when you feel thirsty. And if you feel like drinking something, water is the best choice!

Another sign is the colour of your urine (pee). It should be a pale yellow, like straw. If it’s bright or dark yellow, that’s a sign that you need more water.

Want to drink more water? Here are some easy ways:

1.       Drink more liquids. Every time you eat, try to drink something too. Drinks with caffeine like tea, coffee or energy drinks move out of your body quickly, so try stick to water

2.       Carry a water bottle with you in summer – it’s a nice way to cool down when you’re hot. You can even put it in the fridge or put ice in it to make it cold.

3.       In winter, drinking warm drinks can warm you up.

4.       Eat more fruit and vegetables. They have a lot of water in them.

5.       If water by itself tastes boring, put something you like in it, like fruit pieces.

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