5 ways to feel good about yourself

Life can be hard sometimes. We have all different kinds of people and events in our lives… some make us feel good, but some bring us down. Don’t worry! We have 5 ways that can help you feel better about yourself – mind, body and soul.

1.Do small exercises: Not to build muscle but to make you feel good and healthy. Just walking or jogging for a few minutes can boost your mood.

2.Share your story on BWiseHealth.com: A community of young people and the Minister of Health want to hear from you. With as little as 200 words you might help change someone’s life!

3. Read, read and read! Learning new things can increase our confidence, so why not try to learn something new every day? Share it with someone else and make their day better too.

4.Dance, move your body! Everyone can dance, even if it’s just in your bedroom. Dancing keeps your body healthy, plus it can boost your mood and make you feel great.

5.Volunteer: Helping people in need can make you feel good about yourself. By volunteering you connect more with your community, learn skills and meet new people.

Remember, don’t allow someone to make you feel small or get you down – you have amazing things to share with the world. For more about how to live your life to the fullest, read our article “How to be happier”. And if you are always sad and can’t find ways to be happy, check out “Feeling sad all the time? You could be depressed”.

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