Am I going deaf? Signs to look out for

Are you having problems hearing people or following conversations? This could be a sign that you are losing your hearing. And there are other changes that often happen when people are losing their hearing, like:

  • Trouble hearing background noises in a noisy place.
  • Turning up the volume on the TV or radio because you can’t hear it.
  • Not hearing people knocking on the door.
  • Having to look at people to hear what they are saying to you.
  • Struggling to hear people on the phone.
  • Hearing sounds but you can’t be sure where they are coming from.

You don’t have to have all these signs to be losing your hearing. You can lose your hearing slowly or all at once. Most of the time it happens slowly, which means there is time to get help before your hearing disappears. 

The only way to know for sure if you are losing your hearing is to have a hearing test done. You can visit your clinic and they will refer you to an audiologist (a doctor that tests your hearing).  You can also test your hearing at home by downloading the HEARZA app and then going to the doctor after you get your results.

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