Are you hurting yourself? Help is here

Have you ever tried to hurt yourself? You are not alone. There are many young people who have tried this – it’s called self-harm.

As the name explains, self-harm is hurting yourself on purpose. This can be done in many ways like:   Burning

  • Cutting
  • Hitting yourself
  • Hair-pulling
  • Injecting poisonous or dangerous substances and objects
  • Banging the head against a wall

People who harm themselves don’t always want to die or kill themselves. But they often feel that their problems are too painful to deal with. Sometimes people feel that if they hurt themselves, they don’t have to think about the emotional pain.

The problem is that feeling of relief doesn’t last long, and soon you may be feeling sad or depressed again.

People who self-harm often don’t tell people about it and it becomes a secret. Keeping it a secret can become lonely and difficult. For some people it can also be addictive, meaning you will want to do it over and over.

If you’re self-harming, get help as soon as possible. Tell someone you trust. Find a hobby you enjoy to help you express your feelings, like writing a poem, drawing or painting. To calm your nerves or release the tension you feel, you could exercise, scream, rip some papers, listen to music or wrap yourself in a warm blanket.

Contact the Mental Health line: 011 234 4837 to get help if you are self-harming, and read our article, Are you having thoughts of hurting yourself? for more.

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