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moitheri 16 July 2017 21:26

Hy it's me Moitheri plz expect can you plz tell me more about post traumatic stress disorder what is it and how one does get it plz

Anonymous 14 July 2017 13:29

I have problems with my bones from spinal cord even on my chest sometimes they become stiff can't even move....

B-Wise Expert Expert 19 July 2017 10:29

Hi Anonymous, It's saddening to hear what you’re going through. Please visit your nearest clinic or hospital as soon as you can, so you can get diagnosed by a nurse or doctor – this is the only way you can find out what's really wrong. Get well soon!

Anonymous 14 July 2017 13:06

I'm 23 years old,my partner and I we planning on having baby soon, so i need to know what is a correct procedure towards that because i am HIV+ and he is negative. Started treatment on the 2nd December 2016, bloods was taken on April 2017 and my viral load was LDL. I was also on nur-isterate injection my next date for injection was on 13 July 2017 but i didn't go for it. So is possible for me to have a baby and get pregnant this year?

Thank you for your question. We have sent it to an expert and will get back to you within 48 hours with a response.
Anonymous 14 July 2017 11:05

Can i still have a baby?

Anonymous 11 July 2017 12:12

Hi....i live at klerksdrop and now am visiting my parents in jozi n ii have to go n collect my medication on Thursday wl i be assist or what

B-Wise Expert Expert 12 July 2017 16:21

Hi anonymous. Yes, you can be assisted. When you're in Joburg, take your medication and any other records with your medical condition to the nearest clinic or hospital, and doctors or nurses will be able to give you the right medication. You can also report good or bad service you received at that clinic here:

lethabo 8 July 2017 20:54

I wanna ask if it is possible to have sex with a girl while she is in menstruating in her first periods?

B-Wise Expert Expert 12 July 2017 11:27

Hi Lethabo, yes it is possible, and OK, to have sex with a girl while she is menstruating – as long as she is OK with it. Some girls don’t feel comfortable to have sex during their period, and that’s fine too. It is important to know that a girl can still get pregnant if she has unprotected sex, even during her period.

There is only one way to protect yourself from getting pregnant or getting an STI, that's by practicing safe sex. And it can't just be safe sex some of the time, or even most of the time; it really has to be safe sex every time! Having unprotected sex (especially during menstruation) increases your chances of getting an STI, so always use a condom!

BWise Moderators 8 July 2017 09:44

Nadiseng asked how long it take me to get a response on B- wise

B-Wise Expert Expert 12 July 2017 13:27

Hi Nadiseng, your questions are sent to a leading expert and you will then get an answer within 48 hours!

BWise Moderators 3 July 2017 15:17

Titus on Facebook asked: I have been working in dust and smelly environment for some years with pigs and Iâ??m afraid of having respiratory diseases. Can I take scan or x-ray at a local clinic?

B-Wise Expert Expert 3 July 2017 15:19

Hi Titus, Well done for looking after your health! It is important to pick up problems early. You need to go to your local clinic and explain your worries. They will ask you questions about where you work, your health, breathing, and chest, and if you have experienced any problems. They will either let you know if everything is fine (then you can stop worrying) or refer you for further check-ups if necessary. Continue to look after for your health! You can find and rate your local clinic here: 

katleho 27 June 2017 16:41

I have stomach pains after my brother kick my what can i drink to remove the pains?

B-Wise Expert Expert 3 July 2017 14:57

Hi, Katleho. Being kicked or hit in the ribs and stomach can be very painful. If you see blood in your stool or urine, or if you are vomiting blood or in a lot of pain you should go to your nearest clinic for a check-up. If it is just uncomfortable and bruised but you are otherwise fine, try putting an ice pack or hot-water bottle over the painful area for 10-15 minutes. You can take anti-inflammatory pills like (brufen/nurofen) and drink a lot of water. It is not OK for someone to hurt, hit or kick you. You can get help at your local clinic if you feel unsafe. 

Anonymous 27 June 2017 16:30

I'm 32years old.with 6months pregnant. So yesterday I was at clinic for check up. They told me that the baby is too big.and I supposed to go for check if the baby are fine or is a's possible to be a twins.

B-Wise Expert Expert 28 June 2017 10:03

Hi there. Thank you for sending your question.  There could be lots of reasons they found that the womb was bigger than expected during pregnancy. It could be because the pregnancy is further along than they thought, or there could even be twins! It is best to go for the sonar like the clinic says, to make sure  the nurses and doctors know how big the baby is, make sure the baby is healthy, and check for twins. Ask the nurse at the clinic to sign you up for Mom Connect to get weekly updates on what to expect during pregnancy.

B-Wise Expert Expert 28 June 2017 10:03

Hi there. Thank you for sending your question.  There could be lots of reasons they found that the womb was bigger than expected during pregnancy. It could be because the pregnancy is further along than they thought, or there could even be twins! It is best to go for the sonar like the clinic says, to make sure  the nurses and doctors know how big the baby is, make sure the baby is healthy, and check for twins. Ask the nurse at the clinic to sign you up for Mom Connect to get weekly updates on what to expect during pregnancy.

slender 25 June 2017 22:14

Iam kind of that girl who scared to tell my parents when iam in period pains or in menstruation?so how can i tell them or to be prove to tell them?

B-Wise Expert Expert 30 June 2017 13:09

Hi Slender, Thanks for reaching out. Starting your periods is a totally natural part of growing up and becoming a woman, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Maybe start a conversation with your parents about what you’ve been learning at school about growing up and how bodies change with puberty. You can then tell them that you and some of your friends have started your periods now, and if you want to, you can ask for advice on how to cope with this each month. Remember it is totally normal – both your parents know about periods – but some adults also find it hard to talk about it with their children. If you find talking face-to-face too difficult, you could leave a letter for them instead. Good luck!

Anonymous 24 June 2017 22:23

I was on Nuristerate injection contraceptive for 10months and on 21March 2017 it was my return date but l didn't go because we planning a child but since March it's been 4months without my menstrual periods but my breast has been distended,painful for 2months now not pregnant what's happening May you help.

Thank you for your question. We have sent it to an expert and will get back to you within 48 hours with a response.
Anonymous 24 June 2017 22:21

I was on Nuristerate injection contraceptive for 10months and on 21March 2017 it was my return date but l didn't go because we planning a child but since March it's been 4months without my menstrual periods but my breast has been distended,painful for 2months now not pregnant what's happening May you help.

B-Wise Expert Expert 30 June 2017 13:03

Injectable contraceptives have doses of a hormone called progesterone, and this hormone stops menstruation. After you stop taking the contraceptive, it can still take a few months for it to totally leave the body. Some women wait up to 9 months before they start getting menstrual periods again. But remember, you become fertile BEFORE you have your period, so you can still fall pregnant at any time. If you think you may be pregnant, visit your local clinic for a pregnancy test.

Anonymous 24 June 2017 21:55

May you help please since 2016 February l started to have a lower back pain just over the sacrum sometimes feels like it's burning, can't bend and if l stand on my feet too long my lower it's so painful l went to different Drs sent me to hospitals for an X-rays,abdominal scans,did a pap smear all is normal but the burning pain still remains it's even radiating now to my cerebral bone up my back it's burning at times and another it's painful what might it be I am so stressed now l spent lot of money seeking help in Drs and hospitals now l stopped because l don't get healed all observations are normal.what must l do?

Anonymous 16 June 2017 08:12

Hi is it possible to have some drops of blood in the virgina but you are 2months pregnent, but its weak red blood.just once a day

B-Wise Expert Expert 20 June 2017 12:44

Hi Anonymous, some bleeding or spotting is possible during early pregnancy, but there is a chance that it could mean something more serious, like a miscarriage. It is best to visit your nearest clinic as soon as possible. You can also ask the nurses to register you on Momconnect where you will get information regarding your pregnancy.

Anonymous 16 June 2017 08:03

Hi is abortion free on government hospitals?

B-Wise Expert Expert 20 June 2017 12:43

Yes abortion is free at government hospitals. For a list of available clinics in your area check out the clinic finder

moitheri 14 June 2017 20:32

hy it's terry again what does a pep pill do exactly ifsomeone drink it

Thank you for your question. We have sent it to an expert and will get back to you within 48 hours with a response.
eric01 10 June 2017 20:06

Hi,my stomach aches everyday and night...what are possible reasons for this matter

B-Wise Expert Expert 14 June 2017 10:59

Hi Eric, thanks for the question. A stomach ache can be caused by a lot of different things. It could be a result of an illness or problem with any of the organs in your upper body or pelvis area. Sometimes a stomach ache could be pain from somewhere else in the body which has ‘travelled’ to your stomach (this is called referred pain), or it could even be due to a pulled stomach muscle. It is best you visit your nearest clinic so that you can be examined by a health care worker – they will find the cause and be able to give you treatment.  

moitheri 7 June 2017 20:23

Hy it's terry here can you plz give me all there information about Hpv i don't know anything about it

B-Wise Expert Expert 8 June 2017 08:33

Hi, Terry. You can find all the information you need on HPV by clicking here.  


Anonymous 5 June 2017 19:11

hi is it possible that when u have had sex with your partner and be on your periods the next day.

B-Wise Expert Expert 6 June 2017 10:39

Hi, Yes it is possible to have a period the day after having sex, because when your period comes is based on the menstrual cycle. Having sex the day before will not change that cycle. One of the reasons the period may not come is if you are pregnant, so if you are not pregnant your period should still come as normal. Read more on your period and how it works here.

Anonymous 1 June 2017 14:01

What can I do to treat gum infection?

B-Wise Expert Expert 2 June 2017 10:53

Hi, It is very important that you brush your teeth and floss after each meal, until the infection improves. You can rinse your mouth with salt water every few hours. If you have a fever, your gums are bleeding, or you have pain, it is best to go to your nearest health care facility and get a dentist to do a check-up.

Anonymous 29 May 2017 18:44

Is it normal to have no sensation in the nipples when having sex

B-Wise Expert Expert 31 May 2017 15:56

Hi, There are many reasons that can cause loss of or reduced sensation in your nipples during sex. These can happen before or during sex, and include: hormonal/cyclical changes in your body, if you are breastfeeding, or having lots of nipple stimulation during sex. The good news is that this problem usually goes away on its own. If it continues for over 6 weeks,  go to the clinic or doctor so they can do a check-up.

Anonymous 29 May 2017 18:42

Hi.. what causes a person to lose interest in sex during foreplay

Anonymous 29 May 2017 18:40

Hi..what is postcystic ovary syndrome? Does it have an effect a person's sex life

B-Wise Expert Expert 31 May 2017 08:23

Polycystic ovary syndrome is an illness where a woman’s hormones are out of balance, and she gets cysts (tiny sack-like things that are filled with fluid, like a tiny balloon) in her ovaries. It can affect menstruation, mood and how easily someone falls pregnant. It might also make you not want sex.

king 29 May 2017 12:49

How can stop having sex

B-Wise Expert Expert 2 June 2017 10:56

Hi King. Well, that’s a very difficult question. It really does depend on why you want to stop having sex. If you are feeling forced, like you are having too much or putting yourself at high risk then it’s best to talk to a doctor, nurse or counsellor at your clinic. The decision to have sex is a very personal choice. It’s your right to say NO. But remember to wear a condom every time you have sex to protect you from unwanted pregnancy, STIs and HIV!

thakadu_mahlahlane 29 May 2017 11:09

Do I need measles vaccination even if I had the disease?

Anonymous 29 May 2017 10:48

Dear Expert My girlfriend has stopped using contraceptives for the past three months, because we stopped having sex. She struggled to see her periods during her first 28 days after stopping taking the pills. She got her period after 6 weeks during the 2nd month. She is still struggling to see her period this month, which is the third month after she stopped taking the pills. How can she get her menstrual cycle back to normal?

B-Wise Expert Expert 31 May 2017 15:55

Hi, The time it takes to go back to a normal period after stopping contraceptive depends on the type of contraceptive she used as well as her body's responses. This is because her body was exposed to hormones from outside of it, in the form of a contraceptive, and needs time to get back to normal. For the pill it may take about 3 months for her period to get back to normal again, and for the injection this may take longer. But this also depends on the person, the time it takes will be different for everyone.

Anonymous 28 May 2017 17:28

Hi... do kegel exercises and finger insertion cure vaginismus and do you have a have a boyfriend to start treating it because i recently went to a doctor in my university clinic and she told me she wont refer me to a gynaecologist. i must just focus on school work and it would be a waste of time since i dnt have a boyfriend.the muscles will contract again

B-Wise Expert Expert 31 May 2017 10:09

Hi Anonymous, if the nurse or doctor at that clinic was not able to provide a diagnosis for you, Vaginismus can usually be diagnosed by a doctor, so it would be a good idea for you to see a doctor at another clinic close to you. The doctor will be able to provide you with advice after they have examined you fully, and they can also give you treatment if you need it.

Anonymous 23 May 2017 08:16

hi I have a 6 years old daughter nd now she got smelly armpits so I was wondering how to get rid of the smelly armpits. have Google but did not find any help. plz help maybe recommend something.

B-Wise Expert Expert 25 May 2017 11:14

Hi Anonymous, Thank you for sending your question to B-Wise. Body odour is not common in children before puberty, so we are really glad you reached out to B-Wise for help. Your daughter's body oudor could be caused by one of two things. It may be an illness,  or it may be what we call precautious puberty. This is early puberty, before ages 8 and 9 in girls and boys. Look for other signs of puberty like breasts and pubic or armpit hair. 

If it is an illness, it would be caused by a bacterial infection that antibiotics can treat. Visiting your clinic is the best thing to do in this case.

If it is early puberty, you still need to visit your nearest clinic, to confirm that it is early puberty and get a check-up.For right now, it is best you keep your daughters clothes and bedding clean. You can also use a very mild deodorant, but check first that she doesn’t have sensitive skin. Either way, it is important that you take her to your nearest clinic for a proper check-up. If you aren't sure where to find your nearest clinic, have a look at the newly launched Clinic Finder on B-Wise here: You can also rate the clinic after your visit, and we will share your feedback with the Department of Health, but we won't share any of your details with them.

Anonymous 22 May 2017 10:26

hi, I have suddenly developed sort of a cut on my private part it's painful and my stomach feels bloated . I have had unsafe sex with my boyfriend last weekend. so I am afraid to get tested for HIV nd STI'S

B-Wise Expert Expert 23 May 2017 08:04

Hi Anonymous, there could be many reasons why developed cuts on your private parts. It is important that you visit your nearest clinic to be seen and checked by a health care worker and have an HIV test done. If you and your boyfriend would like to test together, many clinics offer couples HIV counselling and testing. Sometimes people are scared to test, but if you are HIV positive, finding it out early will make sure that you are able to receive treatment early and will also make sure you remain healthy. If you test HIV negative, you will be able to take steps to protect yourself to ensure that you remain HIV negative. Condoms are very important and need to be used every time you have sex in order to offer the most protection against STIs and HIV.

Ramtee7 17 May 2017 13:39

what is a non communicable diseases that can be passed via smoking?

B-Wise Expert Expert 18 May 2017 11:58

Hi, Ramtee7. Non-communicable diseases are diseases that can’t be passed from person to person. There are many factors that can put a person at risk of getting one of these diseases. Smoking is one of these factors because it can make a person more likely to get diseases such heart disease, strokes, cancers, diabetes and joint diseases. 

Mumzat 15 May 2017 08:24

i stopped breastfeeding my baby after he reach six feeding him nestle nestum baby cereal with baby milk for babies from six months problem is when he is toileting.his feaces are always hard.i tried constipation meds but its not working.what to do for him to have soft feaces while toileting.

B-Wise Expert Expert 17 May 2017 18:15

Hi, Mumzat, “Well done on breastfeeding baby for 6 months – breast milk is the best for young babies so that they grow up healthy and strong.

It is important to remember that babies still need milk after introducing solid foods – this could either be breast milk or formula milk, as you’ve said. He might need more milk, if he seems very thirsty. This could be a place to start. If you are still concerned, the best thing to do would be to talk to the Sister when you take baby for the next well baby visit – they can give you advice on your baby, and check him to make sure he is otherwise well.”

Ano 6 May 2017 21:10

Hi..i had sex for the first time this year and it was very painful but i thought its because i was a virgin but the second time i had it ,it was still painful. now whenever i insert a tampon or a finger it hurts.i dnt have STI bcoz i used a condom.when i googled i came across something called vaginismus and using dilators or doingkegel exercises to cure it. My question will the pain go away if i have sex regularly or i need to see a gynae and which hospitals in p.e can i go to for help.

B-Wise Expert Expert 11 May 2017 13:15

Hi Ano, thank you so much for your question. There are many reasons why you may experience pain during and after having sexual intercourse. It is possible that you are experiencing this pain because you only recently started having sex. When you have sex for the first time, there is a layer called the hymen that gets broken, so this might be what caused you pain. But there are other reasons that could explain why you're having pain after sex. One reason could be that you do not have enough lubrication during sex. This causes roughness and scratches on the vaginal walls.  Another possible reason could be if you were feeling tense or uncomfortable during sex and therefore tensing the vaginal muscles creating roughness and pain. Vaginismus is also a possible cause, but a doctor would have to diagnose you, after examining you.

In PE, you can visit can visit any public hospital and they will examine you. Once you have been seen by the doctor they will make a diagnosis and refer you to a gynae if necessary. You can also do this if you use private health providers: Start with a GP and they will refer you if it is necessary.

Anonymous 6 May 2017 21:06

Hi..i had sex for the first time this year and it was very painful but i thought its because i was a virgin but the second time i had it ,it was still painful. now whenever i insert a tampon or a finger it hurts.i dnt have STI bcoz i used a condom.when i googled i came across something called vaginismus and using dilators or doingkegel exercises to cure it. My question will the pain go away if i have sex regularly or i need to see a gynae and which hospitals in p.e can i go to for help.

Shaun 6 May 2017 16:05

My friend was always menstruating everyday he tells me almost all his secret so i dont see any problem of menstruating so what sickness is he gonna get infected

Thank you for your question. We have sent it to an expert and will get back to you within 48 hours with a response.
Shaun 6 May 2017 16:02


Mumzat 4 May 2017 20:08

Hi im hiv positive and i started arv after ive found out that im two months pregnat.even after giving birth im still on baby took blood test and results came asking about the six months period whereby i must breastfeed without formula or any food given to my do i calculate six months?for example my child born 7 march 2017. do i count to 07 september2017 or month end of september 2017

B-Wise Expert Expert 6 May 2017 15:43

Hi Mumzat, it’s good to know you were able to find out about your HIV status early in your pregnancy and we’re glad to hear that your baby is HIV negative. To make sure that your baby stays negative, it’s important that you take your ARVs every day and on time. It’s definitely recommended that you breastfeed only, without giving formula or any food given to your child for the first six months. Regarding calculating the months, it should be until 7 September 2017. If you still have any questions, it is best you talk to a nurse next time you take your baby to the clinic. You can also sign up for MomConnect on *134*550*2 #

BWise Moderators 4 May 2017 16:02

Naledi â??Amzolele Phikeâ?? asked on Facebook:Good day. I would kike to know if you can take laxative while on arvs? Or is there something else to use? Thnx

B-Wise Expert Expert 4 May 2017 16:05

Hi, Naledi, It is not a good idea to use anything that causes diarrhoea, as the body does not need to be cleaned by vomiting or diarrhoea. Doing this can be dangerous. It causes a water imbalance and imbalance of other important things in your body called electrolytes. This can also be dangerous if you are taking ARVs, because it can make your viral load high and CD4 count low. This which leads to a low immune system, which can make you sick. If you are feeling that you don't have enough energy, try taking a multivitamin or vitamin B. It is also a good idea to visit your clinic or doctor for a check-up.H

Anonymous 3 May 2017 12:05

LucMajolla Majolla asked on Twitter: ,yini eniyenzayo ukuba ukuqwashisa kufinyelele ezindawen ezisakhaya,la engekho khona lama SN,nolwazi lwalezizifo enikhuluma ngazo?

B-Wise Expert Expert 3 May 2017 12:08

Udokotela noma umhlengikazi emtholampilo wangakini bayatholakala ukuthi bakusize ngemibuzo yezempilo, kodwa uB-Wise uyatholakala noma ikuphi uma nje une isignali kucellphone yakho.

Anonymous 23 April 2017 10:50

Hi. I want to know about petogen injection. I took it on the 04th of April and I haven't been on my periods since. What could have caused this?

B-Wise Expert Expert 24 April 2017 19:13

Petogen is a type of contraceptive injection that only contains the hormone progestogen. Progestogen can stop a woman’s menstrual bleeding or causing you to bleed heavily.  Don’t worry, the blood does not build up in your body and you will not become sick by not getting your period. If you are very worried about this, please go back to your clinic to speak to a healthcare worker. 

masobility 21 April 2017 19:38

Hi,ive been having sex with my partner without the use o condom nd im hvi positive ,what will happen after that?

B-Wise Expert Expert 24 April 2017 19:15

It’s great that you know your HIV status, does your partner know their status? If your partner is HIV negative, then they are at risk of getting infected with HIV. Your partner needs to be tested as soon as possible. If they are negative then they may need to take antiretroviral pills called PEP to prevent them from being infected with HIV. PEP needs to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex... so act fast!  Whether your partner is HIV positive or negative, you still need to use condoms every time you have sex. If you are not on treatment (ARVs), you need to start taking them to lower the HIV virus in your blood.

Anonymous 27 February 2017 13:10

Hello, I am having my period for the first time since October, any idea why it stopped in the first place?

B-Wise Expert Expert 27 February 2017 15:29

Hi Anonymous, It is normal if you don’t get your period every month while you are young, but it also could be a sign that you are pregnant. If you have sex without using a condom, there is even a chance that you could have been pregnant and had a miscarriage without knowing it. It is important that you go to the clinic to be sure. Sometimes using contraceptives like the injection, sub dermal implant or some IUDs to prevent pregnancy can also stop your period, but it is best to speak to a doctor or nurse to be sure that is the cause. 

Anonymous 22 February 2017 11:28

I am 15 year old and never used any contraceptive but i am not getting my circle is irregular.

B-Wise Expert Expert 22 February 2017 11:51

Hi anonymous, we need clarification on your question: (is the period irregular or are you not getting it at all?).If you have not started getting your period at all there is no need to panic, as people start having their periods at different ages depending on their development. The normal ages of starting periods is between ages 10 to 18.

If you are having irregular periods, this is common amongst young girls who have only recently started having their periods. If the problem continues for more than 6 months it is best to visit our nearest clinic. There are several possible causes of irregular periods and most can be corrected easily with medication.

unknown 16 February 2017 14:31

Hey, since i started prevention i've been having periods for 2months now without stopping, any idea what to do to stop them??

B-Wise Expert Expert 17 February 2017 11:29

Hi Anonymous, thanks for the question. Many medications used to prevent pregnancy work by changing your menstrual cycle (period). This means that the time and length of your period may change. The best thing is to go back to the clinic so they can check you and give you the right treatment for you. If you need tablets, these can only be prescribed by a doctor or nurse (this is the only way to get hold of them). It is always best to use condoms too, as they will prevent other infections and HIV transmission.

Sokisi 3 February 2017 10:02

Goodday, I want to curcumise is there a place I can be helped around Durban CBD?

Anonymous 19 December 2016 16:58

I am HIV positive and recently had a child and the Drs mistakenly left the placenta during birth. I am now experiencing problems eating. I throw up each time I eat. What can I do? I have been to the clinic and a private GP but still no help

B-Wise Expert Expert 21 December 2016 15:56

Hi anonymous, thanks for this question. Sounds like you are having a tough time! It is unusual for the placenta to be left inside the womb. If it was, you would experience bleeding, but it does not cause vomiting. It is best to go to the doctor and do a sonar to check if the placenta is still in your womb. 

Anonymous 14 December 2016 17:50

Hi B-wise. I fell pregnant at the age of 22 after discovering i was pregnant i tested for hiv and i was negative, at 5 months of pregnancy i went to a clinic and tested negative again but they told me to go to a different clinic for anc, i got tested again and my results were positive, when i asked why i was negative just two weeks ago they told me i was probably still in a window period. I accepted my status and started taking treatment. A week before giving birth i got tested and i was negative i did not pay attention to those results as i thought it was just an error. After giving birth i got tested again and i was negative, the nurse seemed shocked at my results and told me to wait for her so she can ask her bosses if this was possible since then she never came back to me. I continued with my treatment my baby is a month old and i am giving her medication as well. I would like to know if i should continue to accept my status as positive or should i get tested again, and if i am positive is it possible for the results to be negative. <br> Please help because the nurse who tested me also told me that taking medication while im not positive can affect my health.

B-Wise Expert Expert 15 December 2016 12:19

Hi  'Confused', I’m sorry. This sounds stressful.  If you tested positive on a rapid HIV test (finger prick), you most likely have HIV. Sometimes a rapid HIV test gives different results. Sometimes people test negative when they are not, because their HIV medication might make their viral load undetectable. There could also be something wrong with the test, like it has expired. Many people who test positive repeat their tests, in the hope that the result might change. Once you are positive, you will always be positive. If this happens the clinic should take a sample of your blood to be sent to the laboratory to be tested again. The result from this test can take 2 weeks and will tell you for certain if you are HIV positive. You can get this test done at your local clinic. It is very important to continue taking your ARVs until you receive the result. Please check all your baby's results and go to the clinic for all baby's appointments. Continue your baby's medication for the full 6 weeks to make sure he or she stays HIV negative. 

Anonymous 13 December 2016 10:32

Am Hub positive and am not on meds yet my CD 4 count is still high but I've gained weight thou how can I loose weight what foods should I eat and not eat what exercise is best suited for me...pls help am frustrated and hate my body

B-Wise Expert Expert 15 December 2016 11:50

Hi Anonymous, I'm sorry to hear you feel frustrated. ARVs are now available for everyone, no matter what your CD4 count. Chat to a nurse or doctor about starting treatment as soon as possible! They can also help to measure your height and weight and work out an eating and exercise plan that's right for you so that you can love the body you are in. Also check out KNOW YOUR BODY

Healthy Living for some tips on healthy eating and exercise.

Anonymous 13 December 2016 10:25

Morning my name is lisa and am HIV positive...Am female and am 27years old. I've been having irregular bleeding and my shoulder and spinal cord one eye is constantly painting in which stage am I in

B-Wise Expert Expert 15 December 2016 11:43

Hi Lisa, Thanks for your question. Without ARV treatment, which is now available for everyone, HIV can make your immune system (which fights disease) weak. If you are not on treatment, it is best to talk to a nurse or doctor to get started! They will do some tests to determine your HIV stage and work out the best treatment for you.

Anonymous 18 November 2016 14:16

Need to test but I have my doubt as this counsellors tells the about our status. I need my info to be private

B-Wise Expert Expert 24 November 2016 12:00

Hi Anonymous, well done for making the decision to test. Counselling and testing for HIV is supposed to be private and this means your information is not supposed to be shared with anyone. Health care professionals are required to keep all information about patients confidential.For more information on HIV check out Know your status? Get tested! What to expect on B-Wise.

Anonymous 14 November 2016 11:58

Is it normal to have continous headaches after you have inserted Implanon?

B-Wise Expert Expert 17 November 2016 12:00

Hi there. Yes, the implanon does come with side effects in some people. Your headache can be treated with pain tablets like Panado or Brufen. They should go away soon after starting implanon, but if they don't, visit your nearest clinic.

zakespeter 13 November 2016 17:14

I finally have a baby girl. I'm worried about her she has heat sores on the head,neck,stomach and between her two thigh.i don't understand this one on the stomach as after its split open and it's growing up in a circle its a size of a tennis ball its looks likes she got burnt

B-Wise Expert Expert 17 November 2016 12:00

Hi Zakespeter, Congratulations on your baby girl. Rashes can be caused by many things, so a doctor would need to see it to give you the best advice. The first thing to do is take her to the clinic to be examined. Try to go as soon as possible, so your girl can get the medical treatment she needs. You can also join MomConnect by dialling *134*550# where you can ask any questions regarding the health of your baby.

zakespeter 28 October 2016 17:08

hi. I'm 39 weeks and six days pregnant. i want to know it's normal by this time i haven't gave birth.

B-Wise Expert Expert 31 October 2016 12:00

Hi Zakespeter, most babies do not arrive on their due dates. It is normal to not to have given birth at 39 weeks. So there is nothing to worry about. Your baby can arrive anytime from 37 weeks to 42 weeks. However, it is Important to go for a check-up and keep your doctor or nurse up to date on how things are going. If your baby is still not born at 42 weeks, you should see the doctor as soon as possible. If you want to receive more information about your baby for free from NDOH, register for MomConnect at your local clinic or dial * 134 * 550 #.

BWise Moderators 11 October 2016 14:48

Hi Anonymous. Great question! Lots of people have been talking about cupping after seeing some of the Olympic athletes use it. But just because we have seen athletes use it doesnâ??t mean that it is has been tested. For any treatment to be used in South Africa it has to be tested to check that it works and that it is safe for human beings to use. There have been studies that say cupping may help for pain, but this has not been proven yet. If and when cupping is confirmed to work on pain and is also safe, then it may be used in South Africa.

BWise Moderators 11 October 2016 14:44

Hi Taphillys, Thanks for the question. Itâ??s great that you are asking for help. Your child will have to be seen by a doctor or nurse again and be examined to find out what could be wrong. Ask your doctor if they can check your child for other symptoms along with the coughing, like weight loss.

Anonymous 22 September 2016 06:21

Why don't Doctors and hospitals allow or recommend patients in doing Cupping, as cupping is good for the blood circulation and body

Mizan 22 September 2016 06:19

What is the cause of bleeding through the backside whilst doing number 2?

B-Wise Expert Expert 29 September 2016 12:00

There are a many reasons why you may bleed doing number 2 such as piles, a cut, anal warts or irritable bowel syndrome in the anal area. If you are constipated as well, eat fruits and veggies and drinking lots of water! But it is best to go see a doctor or nurse so that they can give you a proper check-up and treatment.

Anonymous 17 September 2016 16:39

Hello I have a problem with bad breath.I floss and brush my teeth twice daily but I still have the problem.I happen to have stomach ulcers,could it be the ulcers causing the bad breath?

B-Wise Expert Expert 24 October 2016 12:00

Hello Anonymous, Thanks for your question. It can be frustrating when you take care of your teeth, but you aren't sure where bad breath is coming from. It is possible that it is the ulcer that is causing the bad breath. But there are many other causes of bad breath, like tooth decay, thrush in the mouth, and a throat infection like tonsils and a chest infection. It's a good idea to visit a dentist or speak to your doctor or a nurse for a check-up. They will be able to find the cause of your bad breath.

taphillys 17 September 2016 14:01

Hi my daughter;s been coughing 4 3yrs nd I tried different doctors nd always get the same medication (amoxicillin) and after some time she gets the same there anything I can do to help her get rid of this cough.

Anonymous 24 August 2016 21:32

What is PVD sexually transmitted infection?

B-Wise Expert Expert 29 August 2016 09:00

Hi Anonymous, PVD stands for Provoked Vestibulodynia and it is not a sexually transmitted infection. It is the uncomfortable feeling or pain that a woman feels when the vulva (outside of the vagina) is touched. If touching your sexual parts or putting in a tampon is painful, it is a good idea to see a nurse or doctor for a proper check-up. Also, remember to always use a condom with your partner to avoid any STIs.