Black tax: Problem or blessing?

You have probably heard the term “black tax” before, or kanjani? “Black tax” is simply giving your parent/guardian money once you start working because they raised you, and they paid for things like your education, food, and clothes – and maybe they really need the help.  

Wait a min! Does this mean you are paying them back for bringing you into this world and raising you? Well, people view “black tax” in different ways. Some think it’s a blessing. Some think it’s a problem and this makes them want to run away from home or cut off from their family. Whatever way you look at it, “black tax” has advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few:

Advantage: You sleep better at night knowing your fam is fed. You feel good about yourself because you are giving back to those in need.

Disadvantage: When it becomes a guilt trip. For example, “Dineo, I took you to a good school – now you need to pay me back!” This can turn into emotional abuse and can also lead to issues like depression, stress or even feeling suicidal because you can’t afford the “tax”, or you feel like you can never do enough.

We can’t tell you how to deal with “black tax” – the answer is different for every person. Just remember, you have the power to say yes or no. You decide! And if it’s causing you a lot of stress or financial burden, it’s important to deal with that before it gets too much for you. Check this article on How to manage your stress

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B-Wise User Anonymous 16 May 2018 17:59

To me black tax is not a problem because you do what is right to your family.the problem start when maybe your partner start having some quarrel when you give your family money and aupport