Bullies: Spot them. Stop them.

How to deal with a bully

It’s not easy to deal with a bully. You need to be smart and stay strong. You may have to try a few tricks to see which ones work best.

Report the bully

Tell an adult you trust about the bullying. If you don’t tell an adult and get help, the bullying may get worse. Adults can find ways to help without the bully finding out that you told someone what they are doing to you.

Walk away

Bullies want to scare you. You may be very scared inside, but try to act as if you don’t care. Try not to cry even if you are scared. Don’t get angry or fight back. Breathe deeply and stay calm. Walk away or pretend you don’t care. If they think you are no longer scared, you may not be so interesting to them anymore.

Take away the thing they want

Are they taking your money, your lunch or your phone? Try and leave these things at home so they don’t have a reason to pick on you.

Avoid them

Stick close to your friends and try not to let a bully find you alone. Bullies hide what they do. Most bullying happens when you’re alone and others can’t see like in the toilet or on the way home from school.

Get away

If you can’t avoid them but are being hurt, then protect yourself so you can get away from them as soon as possible.

Keep on telling

Keep telling a trusted adult each and every time the bullying happens until it stops. Don’t give up until someone helps you!

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