CURRENT AFFAIRS: Drugs and youth: New drugs, risks and deaths related

A new street drug is being used in KwaZulu-Natal. In the last few weeks, many people have been admitted to hospital after taking the drug, and more than 10 people have died from its effects.

The pills are white and have a metal wire inside. It can be called by many different names, like 'Mercedes', 'Mitsubishi' and 'Lacoste'.

The drug makes people feel happy and excited at first. They appear to have much more energy than usual. But then they get really tired. They sweat a lot. They are much happier or much sadder than they usually are, and their pupils in their eyes get really big. Then their bodies get all worn out. They might see or hear things that aren’t actually there, which can get real scary. They also get angry very quickly, get serious pain in their stomach or feel like vomiting.

Stay safe, and look out for your friends, in case they have tried it. If you or your friend have tried this drug (or anything like it), go to a hospital or clinic close to you immediately and ask a nurse or a doctor to check you out.

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