CURRENT AFFAIRS: Ear care: Testing your hearing on your phone

Have you heard of the phone app called the HearZATM? This app is used to test your hearing, is easy to use and is free. This is the fastest way to check how good your hearing is without going to the clinic or to the audiologist - (a specialist health worker, who works with hearing loss). This test is quick and painless. You can even do it by yourself at home.

To do the test on the HearZATM app takes 2 minutes. It tests how well you can hear a voice reading out numbers when there is noise in the background. Then you have to type the numbers that you heard on your keyboard. You get to see your results after the test. This will tell you if you need to visit the clinic or the audiologist. The app will tell you where the nearest clinic or hearing healthcare provider is using the location of your phone.

Remember that this is not a full hearing test. So if you have hearing problems, please go to the clinic and speak to a nurse or doctor about the hearing test results. The app is now available for download for Android and IOS smart phones on GooglePlay or iTunes.

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B-Wise User Anonymous 24 December 2018 20:19

Hi I have a hearing problem, my left ear functions well but my right ear doesn't function well.... What might be the problem.

B-Wise Expert Expert 26 December 2018 19:46

Hi there, it is best to see a nurse or a doctor at your local clinic, they will be able to tell you what might be the problem and advise or recommend a treatment for you. You can find and rate your local clinic here: