Dealing with your parents breaking up

If your parents have broken up or divorced (or if they’re breaking up now), let’s be serious – it’s hard. Even if it’s the right decision, that doesn’t make it easy.

There is no painless way to get through your parents splitting up. But there are some ways to make it a little less difficult:

1.       Decide what relationship you want with each parent. There’s no wrong answer here – if you’re angry with one parent or you want a time away from them, that’s OK. You can have your own relationship with each parent (for example, even if your mom doesn’t want to talk to your dad, you could still want to). Your parents also have choices to make about this, but it helps if you can say what you want.

2.       Don’t get caught in the middle. Don’t let your parents pull you into their fights if you can help it.

3.       If you don’t know, ask. A lot changes when parents split up or divorce. If you’re not sure about things like school or money or where you will stay, you have a right to know. Choose a good time and talk to a parent, or both, about it.

4.       Talk about it. If you’re really sad or angry or confused, it can help to open up to someone you trust. Maybe your parents are the right people to talk to, and maybe not – trust your instincts.

To find out more about how to cope in tough situations, take a look in our Mental Health Toolbox and get the support you need. 

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