"Different" doesn't mean "less"

It’s easy to think that everyone in the world sees and understands things the way you do. Sometimes, if we feel like we are right, we might think that everyone else who thinks differently is wrong. But that’s not always true – our way of seeing the world is just one viewpoint out of many. And sometimes this kind of thinking can even harm other people. Let’s take a closer look...

Dealing with people of different races or sexualities

When someone is a different race or culture to us, thinking or acting like they are lesser than us because they look different, have different cultural practices, or eat different food, is called racism.

When someone is gay, transgender or intersex, and they don’t express their gender identity or sexuality like we do (or like we are used to), and we think that they are lesser than us because of this, these views are called homophobic (prejudiced against gay people), transphobic (hateful towards transgender people) or bigoted (not accepting of other people or their beliefs).

This kind of thinking might make us feel safer, but the truth is that people who are different to us are not trying to hurt us or change us. They’re just living their lives true to themselves. Everyone deserves love and respect, just like you do. And we’ll get a lot further by trying to understand, connect with, or befriend people who are different from us, than by excluding them or hurting them just because we don’t understand them. Because there’s not just one way of seeing the world.

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