Do Sports & Be Empowered!

When we think about sports we often think about winning or losing. But our love for sports is different. Most of us watch or play sports just for the love of the game, while only a few talented people are able to make a career out of sports and earn a living through playing sport. People often start playing sports at a young age. This helps them to develop life skills that are helpful in many areas of their lives. Here are a few to think about:

The success of the individual is not as important as success of the team

Sport teaches you the importance of team work and how to be a team player. Learning to be humble (know that you are not perfect) and unselfish (put the needs of others before your own) will give us a common goal, work better as a team and accomplish things that are often out of the reach of individuals.

Losing is almost as important as winning

Playing sports will teach you how to lose and cope with failure because everyone will fail at something in life. Losing a match is just a temporary setback that can be overcome next time – use it as an experience to learn from.

The harder you work the more you will be rewarded

Sport teaches you that the only way you are going to get better and reach your goals is by practicing. Hard work and practice improve your skill and ability in sport and in life.

Discipline will help you throughout your life

Sports can teach discipline through an enjoyable activity. By putting in the time and preparation through practice you can improve and learn a new skill. Respecting others and obeying the rules can mean the difference between success and failure.

Sacrificing for the end goal

Playing sports teaches you to make certain sacrifices in order to better yourself or the team. Tiny sacrifices now, such as not watching as much TV and practicing on a weekend, will help you achieve your or the team’s end goal.

So what you waiting for? Do a sport and learn a few lessons to live a better life!

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