Do you worry all the time? You could be anxious

It’s completely normal to worry. Anxiety is a natural human reaction that involves mind and body. Worry, nervousness or anxiety is like an alarm system that is activated whenever your mind or body thinks it is in danger or under threat. So in situations of danger, anxiety helps you to protect yourself or run away.

Your body gets ready
When your body and mind react to danger or threat, you may experience physical (bodily) sensations (feelings) of anxiety. You may feel a faster heartbeat and breathing, tighter muscles, sweaty palms, a queasy stomach and your legs or hands may tremble. These sensations (feelings) are part of the body’s fight-flight-freeze response. They are caused by a rush of chemicals in your brain that prepares your body to make a quick getaway.

But what is if there is no danger and you still worry?
You may feel worried, nervous or fearful when there is no danger. You may feel like your worries are running your life. You may have difficulty sleeping because of your anxiety or cannot pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Then your anxiety is no longer helpful to you and you need to find ways to manage it.

Anxiety shows us areas or experiences that we may need to ask for help or guidance from other people; so speak to someone to get help now! Speak to a healthcare worker at the clinic, a trusted adult or call a helpline as you may have an anxiety problem or disorder.

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