DUT Live Chat: Mental Health

Have you ever had times in your life that you’ve felt sad, scared or angry? So much so that you couldn’t cope? We all have tough times in our lives, but sometimes it gets so difficult that we need extra help.

Mental illnesses are problems that can cause changes in thinking, emotion or behaviour, and they can seriously affect us and the people around us.  But there’s no shame in asking for help or support.

Do you want to know more about mental health?

Join us LIVE on Durban University of Technology (DUT radio ) and http://radiodut.co.za/ on Saturday 4th of August from 12:00- 13:00. Our health expert, Clinical Psychologist Sduduzo Mncwabe, will be answering all your questions on mental health.

Submit your question in the comment section below. All questions will be answered, on the radio or on Bwisehealth.com 

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