Eat this, not that: good food rules to live by

As you grow up you start to make your own choices about your life. You choose what you wear, music that you like, and the friends that you prefer to spend time with. You also start to choose to eat the right food and the right amount.

Healthy eating means you decide how much food to eat and what types of food you eat. Here are some rules to help you:

Eat at meal times

Eat three well-balanced meals (with vegetables, fruit, protein, and starch) and one or two healthy snacks. Skipping meals or waiting too long between meals, can mean you eat too much at the next meal.

Stick to the basics

Choose good basic foods as the basis of your meal – maize meal, sorghum, yams, millet, rice and potato or whole wheat bread. Avoid white bread, pastries or deep-fried food.

Choose natural foods

Try to choose natural foods, not food that is processed in a factory. Natural foods are things you can recognise on sight: fruit, vegetables, eggs, fish, rice, milk and cheese.

Stay away from junk

Drink water if you are thirsty - not a cold drinks, energy drinks or juice. Avoid junk food and take-aways.

Avoid hamburgers, fried chicken, chips, sweets, pies, pastries, doughnuts, white bread and ice creams.

Watch your food portions

Use your hand as a guide: A clenched fist is about a cup — the size of a portion of pasta, rice, cereal, vegetables and fruit. A meat portion should be about as big as your palm. Fats like butter should be the size of the top of your thumb.

Fill up on the good stuff

Hungry? Whole grains that provide fibre can give you a feeling of fullness and provide nutrients. Eat whole wheat breads, pasta, and brown rice instead of white bread, white rice or other refined grains. Also, choose vegetables and fruits rather than chips or chocolates when you need to 'fill-up.'

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B-Wise User Anonymous 11 May 2020 17:49

I love those things that says we must avoid what should I do

B-Wise Expert Expert 12 May 2020 10:40

You need to be disciplined and eat healthier.

B-Wise User Reabetswe 14 September 2015 20:57

When eating fats and oils must we have a glass of water near?

B-Wise Expert Expert 20 April 2018 15:55


Yes it would be a good idea to drink a glass of water after you eat, it helps with digestion.

B-Wise User Reabetswe 14 September 2015 20:53

Is it a must not to eat junk food and drinks ?

B-Wise Expert Expert 20 April 2018 15:57

Hi. Thank you for your question. Junk food and drinks can be really nice, but its important that we don't always eat junk food and have drinks all the time. Once in a while is fine. 

B-Wise User Anonymous 10 September 2015 23:33

@vusi it is a problem but maybe make some turns too cook and show him a better road to walk on

B-Wise User vusi 8 September 2015 21:39

hello I always try to follow a strict diet by eating in small portions but problem is that I am not the one cooking its my older brother and he just likes cooking using too much fish oil even on unnecessary foods.

B-Wise User fezekaMnisi4mbassador 30 August 2015 21:16

I get constipated at times..what kind of food should I eat to ease the constipation?

B-Wise Expert Expert 20 April 2018 16:16

Hi. Thank you for your question. Its important to eat fiber or drink a lot of water. If you get constipated more than twice a week its important that you visit your local clinic and speak to a healthcare worker 

B-Wise User siyasanga 24 August 2015 17:30

@Moloi, those food contain alot of sugar which can make you gain bad fat and predispose you to many bad diseses like: strokes,heart attack, hypertension and diabetes. what you can do is buy yoghurts and fruits. make yourself fruit salads and eat fruits whenever you crave something sweet. drink alot of water sometimes you can think you are hungry or craving something but you are just dehydrated

B-Wise User siyasanga 24 August 2015 17:27

@Nono, @anonymous. The key to weight loss is eating less calories than you burn. try replacing pap with vegetables. instead of white rice chose brown rice or make rice with cauliflower. eat protein like chicken,steak,eggs,etc. eat healthy fats like avocadoes add @least 30 mins of exercise 5 times a week. drink loads and loads of water. its a lifestyle change not a quick fix.we here for you, the support

B-Wise User siyasanga 24 August 2015 17:21

thank you very much indeed fruits and vegetables will fill you up with lesser calories and they are very good tasting

B-Wise User Moloi 23 August 2015 23:18

So what can be the consequence of eating ice cream,chips,and sweets? Can you help me with that,cause i think i eat junk food almost all days of my week.

B-Wise User nono 22 August 2015 13:45

I would like to know how to loose unwanted body fat

B-Wise Expert Expert 20 April 2018 16:23

Hi, thank you for your question. You can check out our Get Fit  section for more information 

B-Wise User Anonymous 22 August 2015 00:27

I would like to know the easy ways to loose weight,now im my weight is 121kg and my height is 1.7

B-Wise Expert Expert 20 April 2018 16:25

Hi there, for more information you can check out our Get fit Section