Eating red meat – is it healthy?

Many of us love our red meat. Juicy shisa nyama, tasty burgers… mmm! But you might have also heard some people talk about how red meat is unhealthy. Eish, could this be true? Let’s find out.

The truth is, red meat is healthy in many ways, but it can be unhealthy in certain forms.

Here’s why red meat is healthy:

·         It has lots of vitamins, minerals and iron that your body needs

·         It has protein, which gives you energy and can help to grow your muscles and your brain

And this is when red meat is unhealthy:

·         When it’s processed, which means it’s been changed in some way or ingredients have been added. Examples of processed meats are bacon, polony or sausages (viennas, frankfurters, wors etc.). Eating processed meat has been linked to diabetes and cardiovascular disease (like heart attacks). This means it might put you at risk of getting those diseases.

·         When it’s charred or burned – this is when it gets black from the fire or braai. Some scientists say this may give you a higher risk of cancer.

So there’s no need to stay away from red meat. It’s just good to be aware of how much processed and grilled meat you’re eating, to make sure you’re getting all the good stuff in red meat without the risks. For more on how to eat healthy, click on our article Eat this, not that: good food rules to live by

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