Feeling anxious about school in the New Year!

Returning to school in the New Year can be one of our biggest worries. The new school year brings new teachers, new friends, more difficult work and for some new schools. All this change can be very overwhelming, so it's normal to feel anxious, whether you are excited or not about a new year of school.

Often we worry because we are unsure of what to expect from the coming year. You might have to leave old friends, a "bae" (boyfriend or girlfriend) and family; make new friends; see a teacher that you hate. You may worry about starting at a new school; starting the next grade and not coping; failing and repeating your grade while your friends move on to the next grade; being bullied or teased; seeing your ex-bae; or waking up early in the morning. These are just a few of the new school year worries.

Of course, new experiences can also be exciting and help us to grow as people – so think about it as an opportunity too!

Preparing for the new year of school will help cut down some of your worries…

Start talking about the school year: Discuss your concerns about starting school with your parent/caregiver or a trusted adult.

Reintroduce your normal school routines: Set-up a regular bedtime and wake-up routine and school eating habits before school starts.

Read, read, read: Prepare your brain for school work.

Set personal realistic goals for the New Year: Awards, sports, being on time etc.

Connect: Hang out with people that make you feel comfortable and will help you achieve your goals.

Learn from your mistakes: Find closure from the last year. Note which subjects you need to work on in the New Year.

Rest and recover: Don't forget to rest and enjoy your holidays.

A new school year can be very stressful but if you prepare, ask for help and stay motivated it can be filled with excitement.

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