Feeling sad all the time? You could be depressed

Feeling sad, down or hopeless is actually normal and we all feel this way at times. An argument with a parent, a breakup, a best friend moving away, being bullied or failing a test can cause these feelings. The death of someone close can lead to a specific, longer kind of sadness called grief. Most of the time, we manage to deal with these feelings and move past them with a little time and care, but sometimes it is too difficult and it is as if we feel sad all the time. This could mean that you are depressed.

Not everyone who is depressed (very sad) shows it in exactly the same way.

Signs of depression:

  • Negative feelings (like hopelessness, loneliness, guilt, rejection) and sadness (which sometimes shows up as irritability or anger) for weeks or more.
  • Negative thinking that doesn't go away.
  • Feeling tired, having low energy and no motivation to do or care about anything.
  • Poor concentration and focus on schoolwork, in class or on what others say.
  • Physical symptoms like not wanting to eat or eating too much, headaches, sleep problems, getting fat or losing too much weight.
  • Pulling away from friends and family or from activities that you once enjoyed; making you feel more lonely.

Remember, you are not alone and there are people ready to help. You can talk to a friend or an adult that you trust. They can help you to get professional help.

You can get help

You can speak to a healthcare worker at your local clinic or call:
  • Childline on 08000 55 555
  • Lifeline on 0861 322 322
  • SADAG on 0800 12 13 14

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B-Wise User Mukuna 29 May 2020 15:03

A day never pass by without me thinking that this are not my real parents ,depending on the way there treat me and take care of me am always thinking that every minute and second that pass ,even the way the kids in that house treat me

B-Wise Expert Expert 29 May 2020 16:57


Use the contact information below to talk to a counselor who can give you advice:

Get in touch with LoveLife's Contact Centre on 0800 121 900 or send a PLZ CAL ME to 083 323 1023 

You can also whatsapp Life Line at 065 989 9238

B-Wise User Anonymous 15 May 2020 23:01

A week never ends without me shedding a tear I feel like my mom hates me

B-Wise Expert Expert 18 May 2020 10:45

Hello there,

Use the contact information below to talk to a counselor who can give you advice:

Get in touch with LoveLife's Contact Centre on 0800 121 900 or send a PLZ CAL ME to 083 323 1023 

B-Wise User Anonymous 6 May 2020 23:15

Hi there I'm a survivor of rape and abuse it has though caused havoc in my life . medical expertise suggest that I am depressed please can you assist me on the path to recovery

B-Wise Expert Expert 7 May 2020 11:42

Hi there,

I am so sorry about what you went through and what you are going through. Please go to this article to find the contact information of people who will talk to you and help you on the path to recovery: https://bwisehealth.com/article/trauma-and-bad-experiences-not-a-sign-of-weakness

You can get help

If you can’t cope speak to a healthcare worker at your local clinic or call:
  • Childline on 08000 555 55
  • Lifeline on 0861 322 322

B-Wise User Anonymous 20 April 2020 00:47

Hi me I have a problem of chasing away those who care about me And always blaming them for their past mistakes,e.g when I have a boyfriend the only thing I think he came to me for is sleeping with me/having sex,and I have a lot of anger towards men always feeling like protecting myself from being abused by them all the time and I feel like that leads me to a point of not having a man in my life

B-Wise Expert Expert 20 April 2020 12:21

Hi there,

You need to talk to someone who can give you advice. Please reach out to someone on the numbers in this link: https://bwisehealth.com/article/help-support-mental-health-substance-abuse

B-Wise User Anonymous 9 April 2020 23:22

I need help seriously.nobody seems to care what really happened to me.while I was away on my journey they all looked at me and blame for something I didn't have control of I feel like I'm a failer now and nobody is taking me serious when I talk I could see that they're pretending while I'm the one who is suffering I don't have suicidal thoughts but I feel like I could wake up dead because all the people who were respecting they don't take me serious.

B-Wise Expert Expert 11 April 2020 15:42

Hi there,

I'm so sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time.

Please go through this contact info and call someone who can help you. Don't suffer in silence.

Suicide crisis line: 0800 567 567 or sms 31393

Depression and Mental Health Helpline: call 0800 567 567 daily between 8am and 89pm for counseling and referral if you're suffering from depression, anxiety or mental health issues

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG): 011- 262-6396

Mental health line: 011 783 1474

Substance Abuse Helpline 0800 121314 can give you help and information about alcohol and drug abuse. SMS line: 32312

The National Tobacco Quit Line at 011 7203145 can give you information on tobacco and how to stop smoking.

Alcoholics Anonymous SA National Helpline: 0861 435 722

Al-Anon(for family and friends of alcoholics): 0861 252 666

Alateen (group for young people with alcohol problems): 0861 252 666/ 021 595-4508

Narcotics Anonymous: 

B-Wise User Anonymous 30 September 2019 10:31

I am always lazy and procastinating whenever i have to study,i am sad,always down and i struggle with sleeping . Does it mean i am depressed . And i fall apart when i have to separate with someone close to my heart . Even when i know they are going to come back

B-Wise Expert Expert 3 October 2019 11:28

Hi there, thank you for your question. It is possible that you may suffer from depression if you haven't gotten the help that you need. You can find out the signs of depression here and you can call to get help https://bwisehealth.com/article/feeling-sad-all-the-time-you-could-be-depressed

B-Wise User Boits 9 November 2018 09:58

Hey Im Boits,most of the time I feel sad,feel like going away where no one will never find me,sometimes I lock myself in my room to avoid everyone.I feel lonely,am I depressed???

B-Wise Expert Expert 9 November 2018 10:18

Hi Boits, thank you for your question, it seems like you are going through a difficult time, it would be best for you to go to your local clinic and speak to a psychologist or a counsellor.

B-Wise User Anonymous 11 October 2018 18:50

Hi ive got a problem everytym i pray nd ask God to forgive my sins then boom am pulling off bck to square one am confused pls help me am helpless i feel like giving up this is too much for me am struggiling financial, mentally, physically nd emotional including my relationship with my bf its bad.

B-Wise Expert Expert 14 October 2018 00:43

Dear Anonymous. Challenges we face in life can be overwhelming, however this does not mean we should lose hope or give up. Patience and consistency is required in your case. It is difficult to have patience when things are not moving for a period of time. Take it step by step and don’t have unrealistic goals. Some things do take time but eventually everything falls into place. Don’t let depression get the better of you. Speak to a counsellor at your nearest clinic or someone you trust about your concerns. This health article will also give you some contact details of who you can call for help; Help & Support: Mental Health & Substance Abuse.


B-Wise User Siyandile 8 October 2018 16:10

Sometimes I feel like no one cares about me and when am away from others thats were I realise that I need people in my life whether they make me sad, I realise their importance in my life. I write down to express my feelings and I feel better after.

B-Wise Expert Expert 8 October 2018 16:26

Hi Siyandile, thank you for sharing your story with us. It seems as though you have been going through a lot, and you have been brave through it all. Well done on having a positive attitude through your difficult time. Depression is not easy to deal with, we would recommend getting help by seeing a counsellor or a psychologist at your local clinic who will be able to help you through the depression. You can use our Clinic Finder to help you find a clinic near to you.

B-Wise User Anonymous 10 January 2017 15:30

What can be done to stop depression? Cause lately I've been feeling down, don't want to engage with other people and I want to be on my own most of the time.I feel like crying and giving up on the things I want to accomplish. I was once in this state but managed to get out but I'm just overwhelmed by my situation. I don't want to talk to anyone I keep to myself I feel like a failure.

B-Wise Expert Expert 10 January 2017 17:39

Hi anonymous, thanks for your brave question. It takes such courage to ask for help when you feeling the way you are. But it’s important to remember that depression is treatable. Depression can be caused by health-related or life challenges. I suggest you visit your clinic or hospital to speak to a psychologist, doctor or call the Depression and Mental Health Helpline: 0800 567 567. They can help you, you do not have to do this alone!