Genital care for boys and men

Most boys and men feel that the genitals are the most important part of their body. That’s why we need to take care of our genitals. Irritations, infections, and a bad smell are just a few health problems you could face if you don’t keep your genitals clean. You don’t want this to happen you, right?

Here are some good things to know:

  • It is very important to wash your penis with warm water and soap every day.
  • Boys and men with a foreskin (uncircumcised) should pull it back and wash underneath.
  • Don’t forget to clean your testicles (balls) too – this is where sweat and hair can combine to produce a bad smell.
  • While you are cleaning your testicles, it’s a good idea to check for lumps once a month. If you feel anything different, go to the clinic immediately to be checked for testicular cancer.

It’s important for boys and men to learn about their genitals and practice good genital hygiene. If you have any symptoms, like itching, redness, bumps or unusual discharge, visit your clinic to get tested for STIs.

If you want to learn more about boys’ body parts, read KNOW YOUR BODY: Boy's Body Guide.

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