Get into shape for summer: move your body!

When we think summer, most of us think outdoor fun. So it seems like we should naturally lose weight over the summer — not gain it. Being physically active can help you control your weight but watching what you eat can also help.

Food and drinks (except water) contain energy for your body to use called kilojoules key-low-jewels. Exercise and daily activities burn kilojoules. So when you take in more kilojoules than you burn off, your body stores those extra kilojoules as fat.

There is no single ‘right number’ of kilojoules you should eat. The amount of energy you need depends on whether you are a girl or a boy, how old you are, and how active you are (which may not be the same every day).This means getting active can help you burn up extra kilojoules and lose unwanted weight. Starving yourself does not burn kilojoules or lose unwanted weight.

Doing exercise and getting fit also makes you look and feel better by building stronger muscles, increasing your flexibility and balance, and releasing chemicals (endorphins) in your brain that make you happier!

You don't need money or equipment to do exercise or get fit. You can dance, run up and down your street, create your own exercise routine or use free community facilities. You can also become more active through your everyday activities, like walking or riding to school, playing games during break or playing an informal sport game instead of sitting watching TV. Instead of a movie, why not go out dancing? That way you can get fit and make friends at the same time!

Get moving and you’ll be in shape for summer - and for life!

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