Get your Smart ID card today – its FREE!

If you are 16 years and older, and a citizen of South Africa, you should have an identification document (ID).

It’s very important to have an ID – it is proof of who you are, and you will need it for many different parts of your life. An ID allows you to vote and to write your matric exams.Having an ID means you can apply for a driver’s licence, open your own bank account, get a passport, and much more.

The government is changing to a new type of ID called the Smart ID card. The good news is that it’s FREE if you are applying for an ID for the first time!

Here is what you need to bring along when applying for your Smart ID card for the first time:

  • Your birth certificate
  • You must have your parent/informant/guardian with you
  • Your parent/informant/guardian must also carry their ID documents
  • Death certificates if both your parents have passed away

The next step is to take these to a Department of Home Affairs office which can issue Smart ID cards (click here for branches).Or you can apply online! You will need to visit their offices so they can get biometrics (information like your photos, fingerprints and signature). 

The Departments of Home Affairs and Basic Education are making it a priority to help you to get your ID. Remember, you can also apply for your ID at some banks, so check if your nearest bank is offering this service.

Getting an ID opens so many doors! Get your Smart ID card today.

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