Get yourself a condom – it’s still your best protection!

There are a number of different ways to prevent HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). But out of all these, condoms are still the most effective. Condoms are different because they not only prevent HIV and STIs like gonorrhoea and syphilis…they also prevent you from having an unplanned pregnancy.

Condoms are available in many public places all over the country, and they are free in any hospital or clinic.  Anyone can get them, so don’t be afraid or shy to grab some if you are planning to have sex. You have the option to use either the male or the female condom. Both are easily available, so there’s no excuse for any of us not to use a condom!

Lubricants can also be used with condoms to reduce the risk of the condom breaking or tearing during sex. If you use lubricant, make sure it is water-based. DON’T use things like cosmetic lotions and creams, petroleum jelly, or cooking oils – these are oil-based lubricants and they will damage the condom.

Condoms only work properly when they are used correctly each and every time you have sex. For the correct way to use a male and female condom, see “How to use a male condomand “Current affairs: Is a female condom right for you?” Learn even more about condoms in our article “Different kinds of contraceptives and family planning: options to prevent pregnancy.  

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B-Wise User Anonymous 1 April 2019 12:13

I think my Baby doesn't care anymore about.. he cares about the child more now .. i'm thinking of breaking up with him .. Do you think it would be the right choice?

B-Wise Expert Expert 1 April 2019 14:58

Hi thank you for your question, remember going through a breakup can be difficult and if you choose to go through a break up it must be in the best interest for everyone.