Healthy eating doesn't have to be hard

Making changes in the way we eat does not need to be hard. You can start making healthy changes by taking small steps.

Eating healthy is about eating foods that will give you energy so you can concentrate in school, give your body the right tools to help you grow, and also help your body to fight diseases. Healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to lose weight or give up food you enjoy eating.

Here are tips you can try to help you eat healthier:

  • Always make sure that you eat breakfast – a wholegrain breakfast cereal which is low in sugar is best
  • Having less foods that are not good for you, like food with too much sugar (e.g. chocolates, cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks)
  • Take a water bottle to school and make sure it is finished by the end of the day
  • Take a healthy snack like an apple or yoghurt to avoid buying unhealthy snacks at school
  • Try not to skip a meal, as this will make your digestive system slow down and you might start craving unhealthy food 

Remember, your body needs healthy foods in order to help it grow. For more information on healthy living, check out “Eat well to stay well: Healthy food, healthy life” on B-Wise.

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