Help & Support: Mental Health & Substance Abuse

If you're struggling with feelings of hopelessness or depression, or rely on substances like alcohol or drugs to help you cope, talk to these people:

  • Suicide crisis line: 0800 567 567 or sms 31393
  • Depression and Mental Health Helpline: call 0800 567 567 daily between 8am and 89pm for counseling and referral if you're suffering from depression, anxiety or mental health issues
  • The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG): 011- 262-6396
  • Mental health line: 011 783 1474
  • Substance Abuse Helpline 0800 121314 can give you help and information about alcohol and drug abuse. SMS line: 32312
  • The National Tobacco Quit Line at 011 7203145 can give you information on tobacco and how to stop smoking.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous SA National Helpline: 0861 435 722
  • Al-Anon(for family and friends of alcoholics): 0861 252 666
  • Alateen (group for young people with alcohol problems): 0861 252 666/ 021 595-4508
  • Narcotics Anonymous: 0861 006962Help & Support: Mental Health & SubstAbusNarconon South Africa: 011 
For help with overwhelming life challenges or suicidal feelings, speak to someone who is trained to listen. Contact Lifeline:

  • LifeLine Durban: 031 303 1344
  • LifeLine East London: 043 743 7266
  • LifeLine Free State: 057 357 2746
  • LifeLine Johannesburg: 011 728 1331
  • LifeLine Klerksdorp: 018 462 7838
  • LifeLine Nelspruit: 013 755 2635
  • LifeLine Rustenburg: 014 594 1592/3158
  • LifeLine Vaal Triangle (Acorn Park): 016 428 1740
  • LifeLine Western Cape (Cape Town): 021 461 1113
  • LifeLine West Rand (Krugersdorp): 011 665 2281
  • LifeLine Zululand: 035 797 3250

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B-Wise User Anonymous 20 May 2020 12:11

Hi my baby daddy use drugs how can i help him?

B-Wise Expert Expert 20 May 2020 13:48


Use the contact information below to talk to a counselor who can give you advice:

Get in touch with LoveLife's Contact Centre on 0800 121 900 or send a PLZ CAL ME to 083 323 1023 

You can also whatsapp Life Line at 065 989 9238

B-Wise User Anonymous 16 May 2020 23:48

Hi im a 37 year old lady nd i suffer from depresion hve been for the past 5 years i was raped at the age of 27 then i found out im hiv pos i struggle alot with my family that stigmatiz me im treated difrent exspecialy now that i hve tb aswell im alone all the time i cant sit with them or eat a meal im cry the hole day everyday coz im treated like a dog

B-Wise Expert Expert 18 May 2020 11:48

Hello there,

Use the contact information below to talk to a counselor who can give you advice:

Get in touch with LoveLife's Contact Centre on 0800 121 900 or send a PLZ CAL ME to 083 323 1023 

You can also whatsapp Life Line at 065 989 9238

B-Wise User Anonymous 15 May 2020 11:17

Hi I had a baby in 2018 mi baby daddy never did anything for mi son i really tried to fix things between us n while I was pregnant I got someone who loved me till now we are still in love n now we expecting a baby together during this pregnancy we fight a lot n i seem to be the problem i think cause I just get angry out of the blue i n he cant understand that its hormones im not myself so i wanna know wat can i do to prevent this fighting between us cause I sometimes think that sucide is the only option but i become positive minded thinking about mi son n the unborn baby pls advice me

B-Wise Expert Expert 15 May 2020 13:15

Hello there,

Use the contact information below to talk to a counselor who can give you advice:

Get in touch with LoveLife's Contact Centre on 0800 121 900 or send a PLZ CAL ME to 083 323 1023 

B-Wise User Anonymous 14 May 2020 22:54

Hi is there mabey somebody i can whatsup cuze i can't call or please call me

B-Wise Expert Expert 15 May 2020 11:56


Try Life Line on: WhatsApp call counselling line: 065 989 9238 

B-Wise User Anonymous 13 May 2020 09:29

Hey there I have a close friend abusing substance and i dont know how to help him or talk to him about it. I know some of the reasons he's using but he's using stronger stuff now. And i just want him to be okay.

B-Wise Expert Expert 13 May 2020 12:05


Please talk to your friend about getting help.

This link will provide you will people you can call for help:

B-Wise User Anonymous 13 May 2020 00:04

Hi I'am 16 years old and I am suffering from suicide thoughts. I was raped and abuse in 2018 by my ex Boyfriend i don't feel safe with men i can't be in a reallaship with a guy cuze i am scared if he hurts me . I want to kill myself i tried 6 times i need help and support but my parents say its a waste of money but we don't even have .i don't now what to do anymore

B-Wise Expert Expert 13 May 2020 12:03

Hi Janina,

Please use the contact information below to talk to a counselor who can give you advice:

Get in touch with LoveLife's Contact Centre on 0800 121 900 or send a PLZ CAL ME to 083 323 1023 


Contact them immediately

B-Wise User Anonymous 19 April 2020 21:27

Hi I'm 26 yr old just had a new born beautiful baby girl. I was left my the father when I was 6months pregnant. Lately I've been feeling so down like I'm drowning I constantly feel sad I even feel like not walking up . I hate feeling this way because I'm trying so hard to love my baby but I feel like I'm slipping away from her I feel as though she deserves better then me. I am 90% angry all the time basically I'm miserable I hate myself

B-Wise Expert Expert 20 April 2020 12:06

Hello there,

Women who go through what you are going through sometimes experience what is postpartum depression. This is depression that happens after giving birth. 

Please contact one of the numbers in this link:

B-Wise User Anonymous 17 April 2020 09:55

I I'm am addicted to drugs.i have been using for almost sick and tired I want to live it but it's hard for me I need to change my life.were can I get help please

B-Wise Expert Expert 17 April 2020 16:57

Hi there,

Accepting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery. 

Please contact any of the following numbers to talk to someone who can help you:

Substance Abuse Helpline 0800 121314 can give you help and information about alcohol and drug abuse. SMS line: 32312

Narcotics Anonymous: 0861 006962

B-Wise User Anonymous 7 April 2020 21:41

I was rapped when I was 9 . And I never told anyone but now it's start being a destreeefull becouse any man I fall in love with we end up separated becouse I don't trust man .I'm so counfused I want to in a relationship which will last but it won't heppen I end up sitting alone I can't stay with peaple I only love my kids and my brother .plzzz help me how can I go throw this .

B-Wise Expert Expert 9 April 2020 14:10

Hi there,

I am so sorry to hear about your experience.

Being raped takes away your ability to trust or be comfortable around men. You are not alone in feeling this and it is normal. 

Please read this:

Please call 0800 121 900 which is Love Life's number. They will guide you on what to do.

Remember to never blame yourself for what happened. It's not your fault at all. 

B-Wise User Anonymous 11 September 2019 23:27

Hi I'm a young male individual and I have become an excessive smoker and I feel it is becoming a problem particularly to my health and I find myself no longer able to go long hours without smoking. I was wondering if there is any advice on how to rid myself of this habit I feel as though with every day that passes the condition worsens I've tried electronic cigarettes and they were of no help

B-Wise Expert Expert 12 September 2019 10:06

Hi there, this is how you can stop smoking

B-Wise User Anonymous 29 April 2019 12:37

For quite sometime now I've been feeling overwhelmed and emotional I don't know what really triggers these emotions sometimes tried to kill myself too many times with no luck .am drained for almost 2 years or more than that I've been struggling to get sleep at night I don't know why sometimes i just cry for no reason...I just don't know what is wrong with me please help....lately I've been edge I panic easy im always frightened....I was raped almost 12years ago never got help didn't even tell my family my life after that was a mess drop out at school now am a 30 year old no job n lo life

B-Wise User Keamogetswe 30 December 2018 16:13

Hi I'm in a relationship for 8 years we have a daughter since I met him he was physically abusive and emotional but now he stop the physical abusive but he keeps on calling me names,being rude and angry to me.I have been sad,angry and emotional all the time sometime I have thoughts of killing myself.I feel drained

B-Wise Expert Expert 4 January 2019 10:20

Hi, so sorry to hear that you have been going through so much for so long. Even though the physical abuse has stopped, it sounds like you are still experiencing emotional abuse, and it makes sense that you are feeling sad and angry a lot. Remember, abuse is never OK, and it’s never your fault.  Staying in the relationship or leaving is your choice, and it’s important to think of what’s best for your daughter. These resources can help you to look at your options. If you are feeling suicidal, it’s a sign that you are feeling desperate and something needs to change. But suicide is not the answer, and there are other ways to feel better. Talk to a counsellor or psychologist, or if there’s no one close to you to talk to, call the Suicide crisis line on 0800 567 567 or SMS 31393. 

B-Wise User Anonymous 4 November 2018 16:34

Hi. I need advice on something. So I have a 16 month old son and his father has not been fully supportive towards the child (we are still in a relationship). He thinks supporting the child financially makes everything okay.My life has changed immensely ever since I've had a child and I never have a break or some time away from the child to at least enjoy my social life. All that has changed and the father of the child is just not bothered. This has affected me so much that I've ended up with depression and anxiety. I sometimes feel likw breaking up with him coz I'm never happy even when I'm around him... Kindly advice, what should I do?

B-Wise Expert Expert 5 November 2018 11:15

Hi there Tumi Deigh. Thank you for you concerning question, remember in any relationship its important to talk to your partner about how you are feeling. If you are feeling depressed and feel that you may need someone to speak a counsellor you can check out this article to help you Help & Support: Mental Health & Substance Abuse

B-Wise User Selina1987 4 November 2018 16:31

I have been suffering from anxiety since May 2018 i do not know how to deal with it because im struggling to get help from the clinic sometimes things get so tough that i feel like im going to die if i dont get help i feel like everyone close to me is pulling away and i find it difficult to speak to them so i keep everything to myself and other times i feel like maybe of i die everyone will be happy but then i think of my daughter and what will happen to her if i kill myself im always leaving in fear of everything and everyone around me and i feel like locking myself and my kid in the house and not see anyone for us to be safe.

B-Wise Expert Expert 5 November 2018 11:06

Hi Selina, thank you for your question. Suffering from anxiety is a very difficult situation, well done for reaching out for help that is a big step. Killing yourself is not a good option especially because you have a daughter to take care of. There is help that is available, there are people who will talk to you and help you through this difficult situation. You can get all the numbers here Help & Support: Mental Health & Substance Abuse

B-Wise User Anonymous 11 September 2018 18:41

Lately I have been feeling like nothing is going write whatever I do I do it bad, I argue with people so I can create fights just to get that little attention and I'm scared I'm pushing people I love away, and Im also scared that I would end up hurting myself because I have been having suicidal comments and I'm scared I might also hurt my baby in the same process.. What can I do to solve my mental health or the way I think and do things?

B-Wise Expert Expert 15 September 2018 11:46

Hi there, we all go through bad times in our lives. Sometimes things go wrong, we fail at something, people hurt us, we lose relationships, someone close to us passes away, or we feel hopeless. In those tough times, we feel so desperate, we just want the pain to stop. You are not alone… Click here to find people you can talk to