HIV Myths & Truths

Knowledge is power! So having the correct information is the important to understanding and preventing HIV/AIDS. Here are some common myths about HIV/AIDS that are not true:

MYTH: I can get HIV by being around people who are HIV-positive.

TRUTH: You cannot catch HIV by breathing the same air as someone who is HIV-positive, hugging, kissing, touching or sharing food with someone who is HIV-positive.

MYTH: Male circumcision prevents HIV.

TRUTH Male circumcision does not prevent HIV; it only cuts down the risk of getting HIV infection.

MYTH: Traditional Medicines can cure HIV.

TRUTH: There is no cure for HIV even with traditional medicines.

MYTH: I can be cured from HIV if I have sex with a virgin.

TRUTH: Sex with a virgin does not cure HIV. Unprotected sex will only give HIV to a virgin who was HIV negative.

MYTH: If you are HIV positive, you cannot have children.

TRUTH: It is very possible for an HIV-positive woman to have an HIV-negative baby, if she takes her ARVs.

MYTH: Women can't give men HIV.

TRUTH: It's much more difficult for men to get HIV from women, but men can definitely get HIV from women.

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B-Wise User Sr. Spoh 28 October 2017 19:21

What i would like to stress is that HIV is still incurable, the treatment that an HIV positive person takes is to supress the virus in the body , therefore allowing the immune system to be strong again and help in living a longer productive life. Not all HIV positive people die from AIDS related disesease, life is a cycle anyway, just be compliant with treatment and you will be able to do wonders with and in your life. Even when at the clinic the sisters tell you they cannot 'see' your virus this does not mean you cannot infect someone if having unprotected sex, it basically means the treatment you are taking is doing a good job therefore continue on that path.

B-Wise Expert Expert 20 April 2018 12:44

Hi, thank you for your feedback. You can also read our HIV Section  to find out more on HIV