Holiday BAEs: How to stay safe

The holidays are here and many people will be visiting friends and family, or going to parties. It’s exciting and you’ll most likely meet new people. You may even meet a holiday bae during this time. But even though holiday romance can be fun, it’s also important to be safe.

Here are some ways you can stay safe:


·         Find out more about your wanna-be bae before you agree to go on a date. You wouldn’t want to find out later that they are not who you thought they were.

·         Tell your family and friends about your new bae, so they know who you are spending time with.

·         Go on a few dates in a group before you spend any time alone with him/her.

·         If your bae is close to or the same age as you, this will make fun times easier because you will have more things in common.

·         Talk to your bae about what you are looking for from the romance, so you both know what to expect from each other.

·         Don’t do anything that you are not comfortable with.

·         If you have sex, make sure you use a condom to protect yourself from HIV, STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

Remember that whatever you do during the holidays could affect your life after the holidays too. Have fun, take care and be wise! For more information check out our article: Positive ways to spend your time during the holidays.


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