How can I stop using substances?

So you’ve realised that the substance you are using is not good for you. Well done – that's a hard thing to say. The next step is…what can you do about it?

Tell a trusted adult. There might not be a lot of people you feel OK telling, but if there is someone who will not judge you and will be able to help you, tell them!

Find a friend who is not addicted to the substance – someone who is having fun without it. Being around people who are also using the substance will make it a lot harder to quit, so try to hang with sober friends whenever you can.

Try to cut down on the substance. Try to stop if you can, but sometimes this is very difficult, and you may get withdrawals (feel horrible and sick without the substance). Even just having less of it can help.

Go to a place that can help. There are a few groups who can help you with counselling, get you in touch with other people having the same problem. The Alcoholics Anonymous SA National Helpline: 0861 435 722 has branches and meetings all over the country.

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