How career counselling can help you

Do you know what you want to study? Do you know what career you want?

Maybe you’re in high school choosing your subjects. Maybe you’re applying for tertiary studies. Or maybe you’ve started working but you’re not happy and you need a change. Career counselling can help anyone who is not sure what career they want.

Most universities and some colleges have career counselling centres where you can speak to someone about your career options. Check if your closest university has this service. If you don’t have access to a university, try this online quiz.

Career counselling will usually focus on:

1.       Your abilities: What you are able to do. This means looking at your marks, as well as your skills, and doing something you are good at.

2.       Your interests: What you like. Think about what kinds of subjects and activities you really enjoy.

3.       Your values: What’s important to you. Is it money, or fame, or having a family, or helping others?

4.       Your personality: What you’re like. Are you sociable or quiet, hardworking or chilled, a planner or spontaneous?

All these can help you figure out what kinds of jobs will suit you best. It’s also a good idea to speak to people with the kinds of jobs you’re interested in, to see what that life is really like.

Think about it, do research and choose wisely – this is your life, no one else’s! Check out UNISA’s Career Counselling section on their website to find out more.

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