How do I express my views fearlessly?

Expressing your views can be tricky, especially if it’s about a sensitive issue like politics, religion or sexuality. There’s always a risk that someone else may not agree with you – or they may be offended by your opinion, and this can cause conflict.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t express your views. If you feel strongly about something, keeping quiet is not always the solution, especially if someone is expressing a view that is offending or hurting others. If you’re in a situation like that, you can try these ways of dealing with it:

  • Try not to force the other person to agree with you
  • Don’t criticise or judge them
  • Listen to what they are saying – this makes it easier for them to listen to you
  • Don’t interrupt them when they’re talking
  • Be reasonable
  • Speak in a relaxed tone: don’t shout or get aggressive
  • Ask questions if there’s something you don’t understand

When you’re asking questions or explaining your view, try and use words like:“I believe that…”

“I would like to explain my point of view,” or

“I would like to understand where you are coming from.”

If the person becomes aggressive or refuses to hear you out, just walk away. Don’t allow them to draw you into a fight. For more information on your rights, check out our Rights On section on B-Wise. 

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B-Wise User Nobom 15 December 2017 12:22

I am always having good idears but my challenge is that I keep them yo myself I need to know to to unleash myself

B-Wise Expert Expert 16 December 2017 20:15

Hi thank you for your question. It is a great thing that you have good ideas all the time. In order for you to get your good ideas out there, you need to believe in yourself and believe in your ideas. The first step starts with you. You can start off small by sharing your ideas with a friend or someone you trust, this will help you build your confidence, and if you feel comfortable, you can share your ideas with other people as well. Good luck in making your ideas come to life!