How to be happier

We all have times when we feel down or tired, and that’s OK. But if you would like to feel happier, there are actions you can take! Here are some simple ways to improve your mood – try them and see if you start to feel better.

One good thing to try is to do something you enjoy every day. It can be big (like painting a picture) or small (like hugging a family member).

Trying something new can also make you happier. Start learning a new language, try a new sport at school or make a new friend. Don’t worry if you’re not always good at it, it doesn’t matter! Learn and challenge yourself.

Exercise can make a big difference to your mood. Playing sport at school, or even a 10-minute walk, can give your happiness a boost.

Sometimes you just have to let go. There are some things you just can’t change: the weather, or your age, or other people’s personalities. It won’t help you to keep getting upset about the things you can’t change. Remember what you can change and start with that.

Lastly, be grateful. It’s not always easy, but try to find one thing each day that you are grateful for. This helps you to focus on the good in your life – and there is always good to be found.

If you are feeling sad, scared or angry most of the time, and can’t get happy, you deserve help so you can feel better. Speak about it to a trusted adult, like a teacher, nurse or counsellor. Read more about taking care of yourself in our Brain Freezzz section.  

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