How to deal with a breakup

Breakups are never easy! In the beginning, relationships can seem perfect, and you might think that you will spend the rest of your life with your bae. When that relationship comes crashing down, you may be left with a broken heart, pain and sometimes even anger. Everybody handles breakups differently, but here are a few tips on what can help you deal with a breakup.

  • Mourn the end of your relationship, whether you were the dumper or dumped.
  • Talk about your feelings to close friends who can comfort you.
  • Remind yourself about the good things that you have to offer to the world.
  • Start doing fun things to fill the time that you would normally spend with your ex.
  • Think of the breakup as a lesson. It will help you to make better decisions in future.
  • Take things slowly if you start dating again.

  • Go out of your way to hurt your ex just because you are hurt!
  • Post emotional or angry statuses on your ex's social media - you will regret this later! If you don't trust yourself not to do this, rather unfriend or unfollow them.
  • Use alcohol or take drugs to cope with your feelings. They won't fix the problem, and they can put you in risky situations.

There will be good days and bad days, but with time you can get over your breakup. If you feel that you are not coping at all, it is a good idea to speak to a trusted adult. They might be able advise you on what to do next.

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B-Wise User Anonymous 11 November 2018 00:14

This guy broke up with me last month and I can't get over him..What must I do ð??­

B-Wise Expert Expert 12 November 2018 08:51

Hi Hlowney, sorry to hear about your break-up it must be difficult for you. Getting over a break up takes time, give yourself time, do things that you enjoy so you won't spend time thinking about your ex. If you feel you are struggling to cope you can talk to a counselor or psychologist at your local clinic.

B-Wise User Anonymous 4 November 2018 17:37

A guy I once dated last year we had a very good relationship until the day where be broke my virginity days after that happened he broke up with me. I was very ashamed and embarrassed especially at school because we were known as the 'perfect couple' now that he used me just for humiliating me in school it still hurts me everyday. Since last year I haven't been a relationship because of him and how he left me damaged. I need some advice of how I should get over him also considering I see him everyday at school?

B-Wise Expert Expert 5 November 2018 12:31

Hi Thabsie, sorry to hear about that, that is something very difficult to deal with. Seeing your ex at school every day must be more difficult because you are not yet over him. You can visit your local clinic and you can speak to a counselor or a psychologist who will be able to help you. 

B-Wise User Anonymous 26 June 2018 19:05

When you loved someone and then you found out that he has been playing you because of his friends and broke up with you how can you forget him quickly?

B-Wise Expert Expert 5 July 2018 18:30

Hi there, Breakups are never easy! Everybody handles breakups differently, but here are a few tips on what can help you deal with a breakup 

B-Wise User fifi cooper 11 June 2017 23:48

Hy.iam sphiwe i have a question?if a girl don't break up with she don't want to tell you bt she tells her friends that you are not his bae.what should you do?

B-Wise Expert Expert 14 June 2017 13:11

Hi Sphiwe, that’s a good question. It sounds like you’re not clear on how this girl feels about you. We can’t force anyone to tell us something they don’t want to. But we can be clear on what we want to accept, and what we don’t. You could try to have a clear, honest conversation with her and tell her where you stand. If she doesn’t want to tell you, you can decide whether you are happy to keep seeing her or not. If you want further help, try speaking to a counsellor or social worker at your school/university or clinic.