How to masturbate safely

Aweee gent! Let’s talk about masturbation, also known as “playing dice”. This could possibly be a hard thing for guys to talk about… but, many boys and men around the world enjoy doing it. Bruh, did you know, masturbation even has health benefits? Research shows that it can reduce stress, help you sleep better, put you in a good mood, and even help you to fight off illness.

Can a guy masturbate “too much”?

Some people do it every day, some once a week, and some people don’t do it at all – and that’s also cool. However, it’s only “too much” once it starts messing with your school work or your social life (e.g. you would rather masturbate than have chilled vibes with your friends). This is when it may be time to see a therapist and get help. You can get help here.

5 tips on how to masturbate safely:

   Don’t SQUEEZE TOO HARD – you could hurt or even break your penis (this is known as penile fracture).

   Wash your hands before and after.

   Wash your sex toys and don’t share them.

   Don’t do it in public – get a room! Find a private place where no one will walk in on you.

   Use lubricants (like lotion, gel or Vaseline) – this will help you prevent your skin from tearing. Remember, you should only use water-based lubricants during sex with someone else – this will help to prevent condoms from breaking.

Not everyone enjoys masturbating – it’s your body, your choice. Don’t let anyone pressurise you into doing it, or not doing it. To learn more about masturbation, check out our article Masturbation and Orgasm: Touch & play.

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