How to talk to your parents or caregivers about important things

When you have something serious happening in your life, who’s the first person you want to tell?

Right now you might rely on your friends for support – and that’s fine. But there are some things it’s important to be able to tell your parents. Maybe it’s a health issue that you need their support with, or you want to share difficult news with them, or you might need their permission for something. If you’re not used to speaking seriously with them, it can feel scary! Here are some things you can try:

Know beforehand what you want them to know, and how much you want to tell.

Choose the right time. Approach them at a time when things are calm at home, in a place where you won’t be interrupted…NOT when your parent is stressed out if you can help it! 

Talk about your own feelings. You don’t know how they are feeling – but you can share honestly how the issue makes you feel. It can help them to understand you better.

You have to decide what’s safe for you to share with your parent or caregiver. If you are worried that your parents may react badly or hurt you, tell another trusted adult and get their advice first.

If you have things that are hard to talk about, you can also read our article “Who can I trust with my secrets?”.

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