How to use a male condom

Condoms are one of the best ways to prevent pregnancy, HIV and STIs. So using condoms correctly every time you have sex will protect you and your partner!

The most common way to use a male condom is the 'rip, tip and roll' method. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Check the expiry date on the condom. Do not use it if the condom has expired.
  • Open the condom by pulling the top right corner of the condom. Once it is open, check the condom is not torn. Using your teeth, scissors or knife to open the condom may cause it to tear.
  • Put the condom on the tip of your penis, squeeze the air out of the top of the condom and gently roll it down the penis. Remember that the penis must be 'erect' or hard when you put the condom on.
  • Make sure that the condom fits tightly around your penis and does not slip of. It shouldn't move around your penis easily. If a condom is loose, it will cause friction which will make it break or tear.
  • If the condom becomes dry during sex, use a water-based lubricant (lube) to make it wet. It's a good idea to check the bottle when you buy lube to make sure it is a water-based lubricant. Do not use an oil based lubricant like Vaseline and vitamin E oil. It will make the condom break.
  • After sex, hold the condom at the base and pull out.

Get free MAX condoms in strawberry, banana and grape scents at your local clinic, and 'rip, tip and roll' every time you have sex to protect yourself.

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