I keep failing. Is there something wrong with me?

Some people think success is just about making money or becoming famous. But if you look at what is actually going on in your life, and it doesn’t compare to those dreams, it can make you feel really low. Failing at school can make you feel like there’s no way to achieve your dreams, or even that there may be something wrong with you. But that’s not true. Let’s have a look at what’s really happening.

Why am I failing, and what can I do about it?

  • Your abilities are different: Academics isn’t for everyone. You may be very good with your hands. You can become a plumber, electrician or mechanic. You may want to be an entrepreneur and sell things. Speak to your LO teacher or school social worker about other options.
  • You don’t like your teacher/s: Speak to your parents or a trusted adult about why you are not happy with your teachers, and ask for their help to fix the situation.
  • Your study skills or memory need work: Check out this link for help with improving these skills.
  • You are struggling with a lot in your life and school doesn’t feel important: Getting inspired about your life after school can help you get focused. Have a look at this She Conquers page and click on work support.

If things aren’t working in your life, whether it is school, relationships or your health, use the power you have and reach out for help. Speak to a trusted adult, call a support line, or reach out to the B-Wise experts.

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B-Wise User Ria 28 July 2018 10:16

Oh yea man i really need advice in tht expecially about school everytime whn i fail an exam i feel like is an end. Wt can i do to cope with such. ?

B-Wise Expert Expert 30 July 2018 02:41

Hi Anonymous. Failing an exam can make you feel down but there are ways to get your confidence back. It is natural to feel down after failing an exam, especially when you have given it your all. Try not to take it personally. Just because you failed an exam doesn’t mean you are a failure. It’s important to separate failure from yourself, don’t let it define you. Thinking positive will also help as negative thoughts only stop you from moving forward. Learn from your failures and find ways that might help you improve your result. One way of doing this is to look at your study pattern and focus on areas that need improvement. Don’t be discouraged, it is not the end of the world. You can also read these three BWise articles for more information: 5 Tips to ace your exam and Managing your time at school, college or university