I'm pregnant, eek! What are my options?

Eish! An unplanned pregnancy can be a pretty big shock. As long as you're keeping yourself healthy and feeling okay about your decision, there is no wrong way to deal with it. Here are your main options:

• Being a good parent: Having the baby and raising it yourself means making some decisions, like whether you stay in school, TVET or university. Is your baby's daddy with you? Does he want to help take care of the child? What support do you have in your life? If your family can help you, it's a lot easier.

• Adoption: This means you would have the baby but another family would raise the child. It can be hard to give birth to a child and then let them go but, it can also be a real comfort to know that someone's taking care of your child, especially if you aren’t able to.

• Termination of pregnancy (abortion): This is a medical procedure which ends a pregnancy. In South Africa, if you're over 12 years old you have the right to consent to it. Termination of pregnancy might leave you with a lot of different feelings, from relief to sadness. If you're considering it, talk to a doctor or go to a clinic that specialises in women's health. Make sure the process is safe for you and is done by medical professionals at a proper clinic or hospital.

Think carefully about your options. Maybe ask yourself: Can I take care of a child? Do I want a child? These are tough questions to ask, but they're worth facing up to, to find the right option for you.

If you are pregnant and want to receive information on pregnancy and your baby for free from NDOH, register for MomConnect at your local clinic or dial * 134 * 550 #.

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B-Wise User Anonymous 2 July 2020 22:08

Hello,,I want to know how do I deal with stress during and what are the danger a I'm putting my child in as I'm always stressed

B-Wise Expert Expert 3 July 2020 12:37


Use the contact information below to talk to a counselor who can give you advice:

Get in touch with LoveLife's Contact Centre on 0800 121 900 or send a PLZ CAL ME to 083 323 1023 

You can also whatsapp Life Line at 065 989 9238


B-Wise User Anonymous 30 June 2020 23:17

Hi,,um pregnant so I want to know if is it normal for my baby to play today n tomorrow he/she doesn't play um nearly four months pregnant

B-Wise Expert Expert 1 July 2020 10:35

Hi there, 

That is normal but if it doesn't get better then I recommend you go to the clinic or doctor to get checked 

B-Wise User Anonymous 27 June 2020 09:38

Unjn doc besacela ukubuza,um pregnant ngacina ukuyakuperiod 28 Sept and I thought this is my month ,bt still loke ngakateti angisaz noma ngaphambanisa ukubala izinyanga pliz help

B-Wise Expert Expert 28 June 2020 16:32


You just need to be patient. You will give birth soon

B-Wise User Anonymous 26 June 2020 08:37

Um pregnant,,can I do pap smear

B-Wise Expert Expert 26 June 2020 16:52


Yes you can

B-Wise User Anonymous 2 June 2020 09:38

Sorry , I have stomach Cramps, my stomach is upset , I feel tired Everytime,and my body is heavy,after one week of unprotected Sex. I don't know what to do,Maybe I'm pregnant?

B-Wise Expert Expert 2 June 2020 15:03


Take a pregnancy test to make sure.

B-Wise User Anonymous 12 February 2019 17:02

If u a pregnant nd didn't plan dat,you must start planning on what your going to do.Start making choices that will be best for you and the baby ,not the that will make you regret what you did.So always think before taking an actionð???

B-Wise User Anonymous 5 September 2018 19:17

Good evening I'm pregnant and want to terminate the pregnacy where should I go to?? Public hospitals and clinics?

B-Wise Expert Expert 11 September 2018 13:32

Hi anonymous. Please visit a clinic and speak to a nurse or a doctor about your options. It is a good idea to go to well-known and recognized facilities such as clinics and hospitals so that you can get the best advice. You can find your nearest clinic or hospital here: https://bwisehealth.com/clinic/search/

B-Wise User Anonymous 13 November 2017 18:44

They are lot of young people killing themselves because of abortion..How does it then make you relief and sad ?

B-Wise Expert Expert 28 November 2017 16:30

Hi, thanks for this interesting question! Everyone who has an abortion has a different experience of it and feels different things about it. For some people it can be really difficult or traumatic, and maybe you have seen that this can even lead to people hurting themselves. For others, it can feel like a relief, and others can feel sad, or confused, or nothing at all. How you feel about it depends on a lot of things, like your personality, your values and what abortion means to you. It’s good to ask for help and talk about your feelings if you need to. 

B-Wise User BWise Moderators 21 August 2017 14:16

Malum'Bandile asked on Facebook:Hi ,I suspect my girlfriend is 3 days pregnant and we dont want to keep the baby... are there any food that can Kill the development of a foetus before its too late.

B-Wise Expert Expert 21 August 2017 14:37

 Hi Malu’andile, Thank you for seeking advice with your situation! It is important to first confirm that your girlfriend is pregnant before doing anything further. Pregnancy can be confirmed with a urine pregnancy test, which can be done at your nearest clinic, or your girlfriend can perform this test at home by buying a pregnancy test from a pharmacy. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, please visit your nearest clinic to get information on what to do. Your girlfriend should not eat or drink anything to try and terminate the pregnancy herself. Often, this will just result in her becoming ill but will not result in a termination. There are no foods that can induce termination of pregnancy.

B-Wise User BWise Moderators 10 April 2017 13:45

Keitumetse asked a question on facebook: how do you see yourself when you are pregnant?

B-Wise Expert Expert 10 April 2017 19:02

Every pregnant woman is different. Some women are happy, confident, full of energy and feel beautiful. Some feel tired, bloated, sick, sore, scared or uncomfortable. And some have a mix. Some women love being pregnant, others can’t wait for the 9 months to be over! All of this is completely normal. Talk to your friends and family and other women who have had babies. Tell people how you feel so that you can be supported.