If I decide to get tested, does the person I'm having sex with have to get tested too?

Beyoncé's lyrics '…I'm dangerously in love…' suddenly come to mind, because unless you and your partner know your HIV status, your relationship and your future are at risk.

Yes, knowing your HIV status is always a good idea. It's an important step in staying healthy, and allows you to take control of your future!

If you suspect that you are HIV-positive, or your test result is positive, then you should ADVISE your partner to get tested. If you or your partner is HIV-positive, you can get access to life saving treatment, care and support as soon as possible. If you or your partner is HIV-negative, you can learn ways to keep yourself HIV-negative.

And remember, HIV test results are confidential. That means nobody can disclose your HIV status to your partner or anybody else without your permission. However, it's always a good idea to disclose to your sexual partner so that you and your partner can discuss how to have a healthy sexual relationship regardless of your HIV status.

So stop living dangerously in love… encourage your partner to get tested with you!

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