Is your anger a problem?

Most of us get angry sometimes. We feel anger when someone has wronged us or betrayed us, when we feel disrespected or belittled, when we see something that’s not right, or when we want to protect someone we care about.

How does it feel when you’re angry? Maybe your face gets hot, your heart pumps fast and you feel like you want to hit someone. Perhaps you get really mean and cold. Or maybe you just want to scream or cry.

Anger can help us stand up for ourselves, and that can be healthy. But sometimes anger can also cause problems for us, or the people around us. These are signs your anger might be a problem:

·         You regret what you did when you were angry

·         People in your life tell you your anger is a problem

·         You have hurt or injured others or yourself, broken things, or been arrested because of something you did when you were angry

·         You get so angry that nothing can calm you down

·         You get really angry over small things

·         You have lost friends because of your anger

·         Your anger is stopping you from enjoying other things in your life, like school, relationships or hobbies

Everyone has a right to be angry sometimes. But if your anger is hurting you more than helping you, speak to a friend or trusted adult about what is making you angry, and what you can do about it. For more about taking care of your mental health, read our article “Good & bad mental health”

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