Is your friend talking about suicide?

Has your friend said to you that they are thinking about death or dying, suicide, or not being here anymore?

That can be scary to hear, and you may not know what to do. But if your friend has told you this, it means they trust you…and a part of them wants to live. It’s not all on you to keep them alive, but you can try your best to help them.

If your friend is talking about killing themselves, you can do 2 important things:

listen without judging, and

refer them to a mental health professional (psychologist, social worker or counsellor).

If your friend wants to kill themselves RIGHT NOW, or they have just tried to kill themselves, they need to go to a hospital. If you need to, call a trusted adult to help you. Take your friend to the Casualty/Emergency section and tell a health care worker what’s happening.

If your friend tells you that they have been hurting themselves, it’s also a sign that they need help and support. They may not be trying to kill themselves, but they could still seriously injure themselves, or even kill themselves by mistake.

Your friend deserves help and counselling, and mental health professionals are trained to deal with this. If you are stuck and you don’t know what to do, Lifeline on 0861 322 322 has counsellors available 24/7 who can talk you through the situation and give you advice. To find out more about this topic, read our article “Having thoughts about killing yourself?”

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