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What is Dagga or Marijuana?

Also called ganja, pot, weed, herb, boom, dope, spliff, zol, skyf or grass.
This is the most commonly used drug. It is a green weed that is dried and rolled in tobacco (called a joint) and smoked. Sometimes people open up cigarettes and remove the tobacco, replacing it with dagga — called a blunt. This drug is called a hallucinogen—which means it changes how your mind sees the world you live in.

What is Tik?

Also called tjoef, lollie, meth, ice, crystal, crystal methamphetamine or crystal meths.
Tik is a white powder that is usually heated in glass and breathed in using a straw. It is an ‘upper’ which means it makes you feel more confident and happy. Tik is very addictive and dangerous.

What is whoonga?

Also called nyaope or wunga.
Whoonga is sold as a powder that is usually mixed with dagga and smoked. It is a street drug which means it is often sold in poor areas and is very bad quality. The drug Whoonga is made up of a mixture of low grade heroin (see below) and other things like rat poison, HIV etc.

What is cocaine?

Also called coke, "C," toot, blow, snow or nose candy.
Cocaine is a drug that looks like white powder or solid as "a rock." People snort cocaine through their nose or sometimes inject it into their muscles or veins. Cocaine can be mixed into a marijuana "joint" or a tobacco cigarette. Drug dealers mix it with other substances so they can have more of the drug to sell. These "fillers" that they mix in can be things like rat poison that make the drug even more dangerous and deadly.

What is crack-cocaine?

Also called rock, work, hard, iron, cavvy, base, or crack.
It’s a type of cocaine that has been changed and can be smoked. Crack looks like small pieces or shavings of soap but has a hard, sharp texture. When a person smokes crack, cocaine reaches the brain very quickly. You feel an intense "rush" followed by a "crash" that can make you crave for more of the drug.

What is heroin?

Also called brown, gear or smack, Big H, Black tar, Brown sugar, Dope, Horse, Junk, Skag, Smack or China White.
Heroin is a white to dark brown powder or thick, tar-like substance. It can be injected into a vein (“mainlining”), injected into a muscle, placed on tinfoil and inhaled as smoke through a straw or snorted as powder into the nose.

What is acid or LSD?

Also called Acid, Blotter, California, Tab, Sunshine, etc.
Acid is sold in small tablets (microdots), capsules or gelatin squares (window panes). It is sometimes added to paper, which is then cut into small squares decorated with designs or cartoon characters (loony toons). It also sometimes comes in a liquid form. When you take acid they say you have a “trip”. They have powerful dreams of visions (called hallucinations). This can last around 12 hours. When things go wrong, which often happens, it is called a “bad trip”.

Drugs are very addictive even after one use and addiction has no cure. Rehabilitation doesn’t work for everyone so it’s best to never start taking drugs to begin with!

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