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What are prescription drugs?

Prescription drugs are medicines (like painkillers or sleeping tablets) that you can buy from a pharmacy only with a prescription. If you do not use medicines as they are supposed to be used, they can be as dangerous just like other drugs.

What is a hookah pipe or a hubbly-bubbly?

This is a water pipe that is used to smoke flavoured and sweetened tobacco. The tobacco is heated with a coal and you inhale the smoke directly through the pipe. Adolescents often think this is safe, but a hookah pipe has tobacco (also found in cigarettes) which is very easy to get addicted to. Sometimes people mix dagga and other substances in the hookah.

What is tobacco?

Tobacco products include cigarettes, snuff, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, sucking tobacco and hookah or hubbly- bubbly.

Cigarettes contain over 4500 chemicals, including 43 known to cause cancer. Some of these chemicals include: alcohol, ammonia (toilet cleaner) arsenic (a type of poison), cyanide (a type of poison), carbon monoxide (car exhaust fumes), acetone (paint stripper), naphthalene (mothballs), butane (lighter fuel), methanol (rocket fuel) and tar. Tobacco products can cause a heart attack, aging of your skin, high blood pressure and cancer growth. In fact sitting in restaurant where people are allowed to smoke has 6 times the pollution level of a busy highway.

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