Live Chat: Child Protection

Child protection is preventing and protecting children from any form of abuse/harm and neglect. Children are at risk of being abused emotionally, physical or sexually. Child protection makes sure that children are safe, protected and their developmental needs are met. When children are not protected they are at risk of being abused, neglected or taken advantage of.

Do you have a question about child protection? Have you or know of a child that has been abused, neglected or mistreated, and need help? Do you want to help South African children grow up in a safe environment?

Our health expert Clinical Psychologist Sduduzo Mncwabe will be answering all your questions LIVE on BCR 104.1 FM on Saturday 9 June at 12:00PM. You can tune in on your radio or listen live on

To get your question answered, ask it in the comment section below. All questions will be answered, either on the radio or on B-Wise.

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