Make water your body’s BFF

Did you know how water can change your life?

There’s water in most parts of your body, from the saliva (spit) in your mouth to the blood in your veins. This means you can help many of your body parts, like your skin, stomach and brain, work better by just doing one thing: drinking more water.

Drinking water can help you look good:

·         Makes your skin clearer and brighter

·         Can help you to control your weight if you are overweight (sometimes when you think you are hungry, you’re actually thirsty)

It can help you at school:

·         Your brain works better with enough water, so you can concentrate and remember more

·         Prevents (and can help with) headaches

·         Wakes you up – you feel less tired when you drink water

It’s important when you’re exercising:

·         Keeps you cool (helps you to sweat)

·         Helps your muscles to work harder during exercise

And it can even keep your body healthy, now and in the future:

·         Prevents kidney stones

·         Helps your digestion (stomach and intestines) work properly

·         Can help to prevent serious illnesses later in life

Isn’t water amazing? So fill up a water bottle and get drinking! To learn more about ways to look and feel better, check out our article, Eat well to stay well: Healthy food, healthy life

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