Medical male circumcision: What to expect

Medical Male Circumcisions (MMC) sounds complicated and scary but it doesn't have to be, if you know what to expect.

1.When you arrive at the clinic or hospital, you will receive group counselling. This will be followed by individual counselling after which you will be tested for HIV before undergoing the circumcision. You will also be examined for sexually transmitted infections and any foreskin abnormalities.

2.A nurse will prepare you for the operation and then your circumcision will be done by a doctor who is specially trained to perform this kind of operation. MMC is done under local anaesthetic (an injection that numbs the area to ensure there is no pain during the operation). The MMC operation takes about 20-30 minutes.

3.After the circumcision operation, you will be given instructions on how to keep the wound clean while it heals and painkillers to help manage any pain you may have when the anaesthetic wears off. Remember, no sex or masturbation for 6 weeks until the wound has fully healed!

If you have concerns, speak to your doctor at your clinic or hospital.

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