My holiday fling is over – what now?

Now that the holidays are over, everyone has to go back to school. This can mean that you and your December bae will be going in different directions, and that can be sad for both of you. So what happens now?

· If you're worried about the future, this is a good time to talk about what will happen between the two of you going forward.

· If you decide that you will stay in touch, then you need to know if you will be friends or if you will continue to date. If you decide to be friends, make sure you stick to that. Do not get upset when you see them with someone else on social media, for example.

· If you decide that you will cut all ties, it's a good idea to unfollow them on social media. This will make it easier to move on.

·  If you had unprotected sex over the holidays, the first step is to get tested for pregnancy, STIs and HIV. This way, if there is a pregnancy or any infection, you can decide what to do about it before you part ways.

Try to remember the good times you had together and not focus too much on the end. It's normal for December flings to end after the holidays, so if the other person doesn't want to continue with it, it's OK - let them go.

For more on how to be safe during the holidays, click here.

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