Questions about menstruation 'Your Period'

What do I do when I get my period?

You need to use something to catch the blood to protect your clothes from being stained. You can use a cloth, a sanitary pad/towel, or a tampon. You can also use a menstrual cup.

What are sanitary pads/towels?

These are special pads made out of a special cotton wool. They can be bought at pharmacies or larger shops. They are placed inside your panties between your legs. Some have a sticky side to hold the pad in place. Some even have sticky ‘wings’ that help prevent leaks.The pad will soak up the blood as it comes out so you cannot use them while swimming. Remember to change your sanitary pad when it is full. Depending on how much you bleed, this may be every few hours.

Will people be able to see the pads?

No. The pad feels much bigger than it looks. Check in the mirror or ask a friend or family member to look and tell you.

Can I use a cloth instead of a pad?

You can use any clean pieces of material that will soak up the blood. Fold the material well into
 a pad-like shape and place it inside your panties between the legs. Change and wash the cloth with soap and cold water and iron to kill any germs.

What are tampons?

These are tubes of special cotton wool that you put inside your vagina to catch the blood before it comes out. A little string hangs from the tampon and out of your vagina, so that you can pull the tampon out when you’re done with it. You buy these at pharmacies or larger shops. Tampons come in different sizes, scents, and levels of "absorbency" (how much blood they hold). They may feel strange to use but it is very easy once you get used to it. They should be used one at a time, and changed every few hours. Tampons can be used while swimming.

Does the menstrual blood smell?

Menstrual blood can smell different when it comes into contact with air. Change your pad or cloth to freshen up.

What if I don’t get my period?

There are many reasons why some people don’t get their period. It could be for a medical reason or you could be pregnant if you had unprotected sex. Visit a clinic and speak to your nurse or doctor as soon as possible.

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B-Wise User Anonymous 29 June 2020 08:27

Hi Am 16 and haven't started my period yet what could be the problem?????

B-Wise Expert Expert 29 June 2020 15:54


Some girls experience their period later than others and it is normal. Be patient, it will come.

If you are worried then you can go to the clinic or doctor to make sure everything is okay

B-Wise User Anonymous 23 June 2020 19:39

Hi again doc since from day 6-8 of my period/withdrawal bleeding as I was on the pill the decided to stop am always tired,sleepy,hungry and in a good mood but my stomach is big like am constipated and my waist is sore like someone who is pregnant am scared to even take a pregnancy test

B-Wise Expert Expert 24 June 2020 14:55

Hello again.

I recommend that you go take a pregnancy test. It's better to get over the fear as early as possible so you know soon. 

B-Wise User Anonymous 23 June 2020 11:33

Hi I was on birth control pills (oralcons) from feb-jun and every month I had my period which I didn't have a problem with the I decided to stop meaning June was the last month but I didn't take the last 3 white pill nor the red pills then on the 4th day I started my period/withdrawal bleeding which lasted for 8days,my blood was red from the first day till the 5th day then brown from the 6th till the 8th also the where clotts during the whole bleeding but On the 4th day of my blessing I had unprotected sex can I get pregnant

B-Wise Expert Expert 23 June 2020 16:44


The chances of getting pregnant are low but it is possible 

B-Wise Expert Expert 23 June 2020 16:44


The chances of getting pregnant are low but it is possible 

B-Wise User Anonymous 22 June 2020 16:31

Hi .After how many weeks can I check weather am pregnant or nt .

B-Wise Expert Expert 22 June 2020 17:22

Hi there,

You should wait a week until your missed period to check 

B-Wise User Anonymous 22 June 2020 10:27

Hie B wise l have been using control pills to prevent pregnancy and l stopped then after a two weeks l see my period and now it's been Two weeks having periods but l started taking control pills 8 days ago is it normal to have periods and what should l drink to stop them

B-Wise Expert Expert 22 June 2020 15:12

Hi there,

I recommend you wait a month to see if your period stops. It sometimes takes a while because your body was confused by you taking the pills then stopping then starting again. If your periods don't stop, go to the clinic or doctor 

B-Wise User Isb 17 June 2020 14:03

I'm scared I started my period 15 minutes ago but the blood goes through the pad

B-Wise Expert Expert 17 June 2020 17:04


Is this your first period? 

Make sure to use a big pad since you seem to have a heavy flow.

B-Wise User Shoshi 14 June 2020 10:30

Hi doc I am a 15 year old girl. I stopped at November to go on my period on march I told my mom she and I should get the backet kettle boiling the cover my self with a large blanket naked for 1 hour . I did so then the next day I went to my period. I stopped doing it on may and June so I didn't get my period. Going to the clinic is a problem cause I have to go with my mom and what if the find out that I am masturbating . Help me doc please I don't want to be fruitless.

B-Wise Expert Expert 14 June 2020 16:19


You need to go to the clinic. Don't worry, no one can see that you are masturbating. It's your secret

B-Wise User Anonymous 30 May 2020 23:46

Hello What if i don't get into periods

B-Wise Expert Expert 31 May 2020 16:47


You will. Put a pad in your school bag just in case they start when you are at school

B-Wise User Anonymous 24 May 2020 22:55

Hii it is normal last month I got my period on 28 and this month on 15 so please help me I'm 18 yrs old

B-Wise Expert Expert 25 May 2020 15:04


Yes it is normal

B-Wise User Vickiie02 23 May 2020 20:43

If I have constantly period pains ... I just can't deal with them ... What shall I do to stop having period pains?

B-Wise Expert Expert 24 May 2020 12:41


There are things you can do such as exercise and put a hot water bottle where the pain is. You can also take painkillers.

B-Wise User Rivas 22 May 2020 15:43

Hie is it normal last month lgot my period 0n 17 and this month on 7is it normaly plz help me am worry about that and am 28 yrs.

B-Wise Expert Expert 22 May 2020 16:15


Yes it is normal. Sometimes the period cycle is short. Write down your period dates and how long they last and if they don't go back to normal then go to the clinic or doctor

B-Wise User Black_Daisyð?¥? 4 April 2020 22:18

I haven't started with my periods and I am 14 is this normal

B-Wise Expert Expert 8 April 2020 16:18


This is completely normal. Some people start their periods very late. We all start at different times.

B-Wise User Anonymous 4 April 2020 10:02

Am a virgin and my period keep on jumping month what should I do

B-Wise Expert Expert 7 April 2020 14:28

If you are not having any sex you have nothing to worry about. Periods can be irregular but if you are having severe period pains or are worried about something visit your nearest clinic

B-Wise User Anonymous 24 March 2020 20:09

Hi there,last month l had unprotected sex on that day morning I got my period.My question is there is no problem to get period after sex.

B-Wise Expert Expert 26 March 2020 12:47

Hello Nombuso, 

There is no problem because it may have been the date for your period to come, it was not triggered by the unprotected sex. But you must visit your clinic and get tested for STI's and HIV, In future, always use a condom when you have sex 

B-Wise User Anonymous 19 March 2020 16:18

Hi I had my periods last week Wednesday and I noticed that the colour of my blood is brown instead of red. Now I wanted to know if it is normal for it to happen

B-Wise Expert Expert 7 April 2020 13:41

Hi there,

Brown blood is blood that has been inside for sometime

Red bright blood is fresh blood, so it might be you were bleeding for sometime before it showed, its normal.

It starts being a problem when there is pain involved.

B-Wise User Ituh'meleng 12 October 2019 14:13

Menstruation start at what age?

B-Wise Expert Expert 14 October 2019 09:04

Hi there, get your answers here

B-Wise User Lerato Bianca 6 June 2018 16:11

thank you very... I've done the tests am now satisfied... I want to use an injection not depo cause wanna get my periods so what kind of contraceptives should I use???

B-Wise Expert Expert 18 June 2018 11:29

Hi there, thank you for your question. The injection is not the only contraception that you can use. Click on this link to find out what your options are Different kinds of contraceptives and family planning: options to prevent pregnancy . You can visit your local clinic to talk to a nurse or a doctor and they will help you choose the right contraceptives. 

B-Wise User Lerato Bianca 4 June 2018 15:10

Good day I had an unprotected sex early last month and didn't get my periods.... is there any chance that I am pregnant I had one day bleeding this month but there wasn't much blood ...I don't wanna keep the baby what should I do???

B-Wise Expert Expert 5 June 2018 13:42

It is possible that you could be pregnant, but the first step would be to do a pregnancy test. This is the best way to know for sure if you are pregnant or not. You can buy one from the local chemist, or get one from your local clinic. You can find and rate your local clinic here. If you find that you are pregnant, you can ask your nurse or doctor to advise you. If you find that you are not pregnant, you can ask the nurse about contraceptives. 

B-Wise User phyphy 20 May 2018 16:05

menstruating dark red blood or brown blood while preventing what cos it?

B-Wise Expert Expert 30 May 2018 10:48

Hi there, thank you for your question. The colour of menstrual blood changes depending on how heavy the flow is.  If the flow is heavier then the blood moves more quickly out of the vagina and will be red in colour as the blood is more fresh.

  If the blood moves more slowly, it will take longer to move out of the vagina and can then be darker in colour or even brown as it is a little older.  One of the most common side effects of contraception (prevention) is that the lining in the uterus that usually comes off during menstruation may be thinner which can make the menstruations lighter in color.

  The other effect it can have is to make the lining come off more slowly which will make the blood darker or even brown.  The longer it takes the blood to get out of the vagina, the older and darker the blood will be.  This is not something to worry about.  If you notice a discharge or horrible smell, then that might be a sign of an infection and then you should go to your nearest clinic to get checked by a nurse or a doctor.  

B-Wise User Anonymous 21 January 2018 15:36

In December I menstruated twice. What is causing this?

B-Wise Expert Expert 21 January 2018 20:37

Hi Anonymous. If you get your period more than once a month, this is called an irregular menstrual cycle. There are many reasons that could cause this, like stress, weight gain or loss, allergic reactions to food, contraceptives, or a hormone imbalance. But the only way to know for sure what is wrong, is for you to visit a nurse or a doctor at your local clinic. They will check you and give you medication if you need it. Good luck. 


B-Wise User Anonymous 4 December 2017 15:36

Hi, Bwise. After I got out of my periods then after one week I start again. Why is that happening?

B-Wise Expert Expert 4 December 2017 15:39

Hi Anonymous, Getting your period every week, or more than two times a month is a condition called Dysmenorrhea or Irregular Menstrual Cycle. There are many reasons someone might have this problem. Stress, rapid weight gain or loss, and allergic reaction to food are some of the causes. Others are linked to hormone imbalances in your body (when the hormones that control your menstrual cycle are not at the right levels). This imbalance could also be caused by contraceptives, especially if you just started using them. Medical conditions like thyroid diseases or other gynaecological conditions (problems of the reproductive system mostly affecting females), e.g. endometriosis are known causes. You can visit your nearest clinic to help you find out what could be affecting your periods and what you need to do to become regular again.    


B-Wise User BWise Moderators 7 September 2017 12:38

Hi, its Mapaseka here in KBY, I just wanted to ask, if I'm having a problem with my ovaries, can I still have children?

B-Wise Expert Expert 7 September 2017 12:39

Hello Mapaseka. Thank you for your question. First you’ll need to go and have your ovaries checked by a doctor to get the exact diagnosis, as there are many possible conditions that could be affecting your ovaries. The doctor will then be in a position to tell you what could be wrong and what could be affected. Best wishes! 

B-Wise User katleho 26 June 2017 23:15

Which pills should u drink juring menstrual or period pains??

B-Wise Expert Expert 27 June 2017 12:05

Hi, Katleho. The best type of pills to use for period pains are anti-inflammatory pills such as Brufen. It is a good idea to take these after food because they may cause gastric ulcers. 

B-Wise User raymond 22 April 2016 12:11

can be infected with sti's if i have sexual intercause while my girlfriend is menstruating. i just want to know my risks only

B-Wise Expert Expert 20 April 2018 14:47

STIs are spread from person to person through sexual contact. If you're going to have sex, there is only one way to protect yourself from getting an STI, that's by practicing safe sex. And it can't just be safe sex some of the time, or even most of the time it really has to be safe sex every time! Having unprotected sex (especially during menstruation) increases your chances of getting an STI, so always use a condom!

B-Wise Expert Expert 6 May 2016 16:17

STIs are spread from person to person through sexual contact. If you're going to have sex, there is only one way to protect yourself from getting an STI, that's by practicing safe sex. And it can't just be safe sex some of the time, or even most of the time it really has to be safe sex every time! Having unprotected sex (especially during menstruation) increases your chances of getting an STI, so always use a condom!

B-Wise User Anonymous 18 March 2016 16:36

This is helpful appreciated